Have you ever said, "I wish I had what they have" Because they seem funny, confident... and most importantly HAPPY! 

And they are all around you... they seem smart, confident, and capable. In fact, even though you admire them, you can't help but feel jealous every so often. You praise them at work, almost in awe- how could some people be so perfect? Or may be you run into them at the gym, or a friend's birthday dinner. Always calm, collected and in their genius zone. While most often you are starstruck, sometimes bitterly you call up your work friend or maybe even go onto Reddit to let off some steam. You complain about how miserable you are, deal with it using sarcasm... or worse even, you declare how much you detest these ninja achievers and their perfect lives.

Hey! I am Sudeshna and I used to be exactly like you... No self worth, no self discipline, no patience... In fact, I tried so hard to fit in with my perfect work colleagues that I landed myself in self-inflicted work-related depression.

What if I am not good enough?

I know I am a fraud... I haven't studied in the Ivy League schools or Oxford or Cambridge! I got here by fluke!

After all what do I know? I am not an expert on anything about anything other than making PowerPoint decks. And even at that, my colleagues are better!

All this while I've been lucky. I don't even deserve to be here. What if this is as good as it will ever get?

OMG my career will be over before I even turn 30!!

Sounds familiar?


You see, I have not been eavesdropping on your mind. This was my life for 2 years.

I was STUCK!

I was crying myself to sleep in hotel rooms while feeling completely incompetent, as I compared myself to my talented colleagues.

I wanted out. But what skills did I have? NOTHING other than PowerPoint... or so I thought!

So I carried on... really terribly but carried on nevertheless. I had a couple of screwed up projects followed by a couple of ones where I really contributed tons. In fact, even when senior exec level clients were praising my work, I was moaning about how grossly incompetent I was...

You see, nothing that really matters in life is really taught in school. I mean, nothing other than Math and Language anyway... So obviously, no one teaches us how to be successfully achieve your goals.


They don't teach us how to be confident... we just assume that some people are naturally more confident.

They don't teach us about motivation... and how actually just having motivation gets us no where.

They keep quiet about focus because employers want their people to have excellent multi-tasking skills right? WRONG!

You see, our traditional education system is still preparing us for the post-industrial revolution world. But the skills we need to survive and thrive in today's workplace and in fact, life, are very different.

We need what they have... those ninja achievers who breeze past their competition. Every. Single. Time.

What do they know that we don't?


Is it just that being alpha is in their genes?

Is it that they were born confident and charismatic?


Is it their morning routines that include workout, meditation, the green juice, the bio hacking and 15 other things that you need 5 apps to track and manage?

We try the shiny apps and even try waking up at 4:55 AM some mornings... but it doesn't seem to work!

And then we start on the self-doubt phase.


  • "I’ve worked here for 3 years. Have I really done nothing??"

  • "Maybe I don’t even have enough experience... or I am just not good enough"

  • "There are hundreds of people better than me…"

  • "I have no motivation!"


And this is it! I’ve some terrible news- you’re stuck! 


Knowing what I know now, I don’t regret spending over 5 years reading every book, taking every course, listening to every TedTalk and podcast I possibly could...


I spent YEARS learning about this stuff, sometimes completely geeking out on them. In fact, I still am learning and practising what I learn. Why? Because you see, top performers know that after a point in your life or career, the basic knowledge becomes a sanity metric. True success belongs to those who are not only knowledgeable but also have tremendous mastery over their thoughts, emotions, and their minds.


A few years back, I would just learn something smart and then wonder why I don't feel smarter.

Urrghhh! I wish this didn’t happen more than just a few times, but it did. It happened like a zillion times in those two years!

And that’s when I let out my inner geek! I am a Leo, so not very good at getting ignored! So I started with getting advice from my career services. Then reached out to my mentors and sponsors. Spoke to career consultants. Read every article and book on how to get better at the "confidence stuff" that I could. And yet I didn't see results… for 2 whole years. Can you imagine how frustrating it can be? I was almost about to resign to my fate...


But then something changed. I was introduced to meditation which sky-rocketed my ability to focus.

And do you know what that meant?? I suddenly realised why I wasn't getting any results from my hardwork of reading and studying.

I was missing systems... the stuff that we call business processes in business, you need that stuff in your life as well. In short, I was missing some key life processes, that made the successful superstars while some equally talented folks go missing in mediocrity. 


And I’ve some good news!


These are not innate skills people are born with. They can be learned.

  • You can learn how to keep your motivation going

  • You can learn how to be more confident.

  • You can become the most focused person you have met.

  • You can even find more time in the day... only if you knew how this game is played.

Imagine how empowering it would be to know that you will achieve every single goal you set!


Imagine knowing and being aligned to your own visions of success and purpose, and being able to set goals, while focusing on YOU.

What if we knew what stops us from achieving our goals? And then deep dive into shelving those reasons one after the other after the other?

What if you could reverse engineer to get to your goal? 

What if you knew the art and science of productivity management? What makes some people seem more confident than others? Why are some people automatically perceived as leadership material?

Imagine waking up everyday, knowing that everything around you is rigged to make you succeed?

How would you feel? What would it be worth to you?


This summer we are pulling back the curtain on the superpowers that sets top performers apart - the ones that make them seem like ninjas!

This summer, Jaye Mason and me are hosting a one of a kind programme. Jaye is a success and motivation coach who has helped tons of clients supercharge their careers. And me? Well, I know a thing on two about goal setting and achieving- after all I set up The Abundance Psyche while juggling pregnancy and then a new born. People kept asking me about my morning routines and productivity hacks. But as you know, life with a newborn rarely follows routines. Which is why I invested heavily in training and then systems. So that when I wake up in the morning, I know everything is rigged in my favour. Yes, even on days when I would rather just curl up in a blanket and watch Netflix, or spend the day chasing a crawling baby, trying to prevent him from self-destruction.


The 3 things that set apart ninja achievers



Look, I will rarely ever tell you that you should follow your passion. What if your passion makes you a pauper? That's not wise. But, I know that every single successful person ruthlessly aligns everything they do to their vision. And I'll tell you that it's not easy... but it's worth it!



I had read an ad somewhere... "If only they knew how many nights it takes to be an overnight success!" And this is what the ninjas plan for. They know that they will fail. They very likely will fail more than most people will ever try. But they have built a muscle of dealing with failure. In fact, they make even failure work for them.



We hate fluff but the moment it comes to something important, why do we choose the most bizarre sounding words from the dictionary? Wordsmith is an actual phrase that consultants use to describe their language prowess.. and I bet that not only consultants are guilty of this! If you're reading this page, you are very likely reading because I don't sound like I put a Thesauras on every word? In fact, I probably don't even sound like someone with a good vocabulary... but you know I am not just making this stuff up. That's authenticity. And authentic communication is the secret power weapon of super achievers.


I literally spent YEARS learning what we are putting into this programme... And like I said, I am partnering with Jaye Mason, a success and motivation coach. This is the FIRST time Jaye and me are doing anything like this... and we might not do something like this in a long long time either...


Confusion to Clarity

Confusion to Clarity


With this brand new programme, we are committed to rigging life in your favour.

We are hosting 10 group coaching sessions through August and September for a select group of maximum of 6 people.

In these 10  90 minutes virtual sessions, we cover:

  1. Introduction to your community who will help you become ninja achievers

  2. Figuring out your life's vision - starting with the end in mind

  3. Project planning and aligning your career and life goals 

  4. Reverse engineering to achieving your goals so that you are set up to succeed

  5. Building the muscles of focus and resilience while shelving things that keep you from achieving your goals 

  6. Group check-in and personalised in-session help

  7. Big picture thinking, and then diving into details - understanding how businesses work and what roles you can apply to

  8. Art and science of peak productivity while staying tapped into your energy

  9. Confident communication

  10. Final group session to measure progress and planning for the next year

Now, that's a LOT to cover even in 10 sessions. So, we will be recording the sessions and you'll have free lifetime access to the recordings.

If you think that even that's not enough, here's what we are adding to make sure everything is rigged in your favour - you will be added to an exclusive private group for those who join us. And Jaye and I will be around to help you even outside the scheduled sessions. There's only one catch - we close doors on 27th JULY, 2020 at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Imagine having 2 coaches and a tiny personal group who want to overcome the same challenges as you do. And then actually having the knowledge of behavioural science and systems to make this stuff stick.

I mean, I don't know about you, but I would have traded an arm and a leg to have a community to support me through my journey during that phase of my career and life. In fact, today as I am growing this website,  I am currently investing in myself to get a community of similar minded people around me... And honestly, it's the best thing I've invested on in life. But enough about me... let's talk about you!

What if you are feeling like you are not even good enough to get the most out of this? What if you think you will just be spending on something without knowing whether it will really change your life?

Well, this is what I say. If you don't believe in yourself enough to invest in you, you need this even more than those for whom this is a no-brainer. You see, every time I didn't feel smart after reading something smart was every time that I refused to take action on the back of knowledge. And that is why I KNOW this programme will work for you. Because we are literally going to kick your butt for not believing in yourself.

What if you are wondering if you could do it the next time we offer this?

It is extremely likely that we are NEVER going to offer this again. Not because we don't want to help people, but because Jaye and I both have busy lives and it's actually been a challenge to coordinate and commit to diaries for as long as we have! Also remember, the course will never be the same ever because your group mates will definitely be the ones that propel you towards your vision.

What if I can't do all 10 sessions?

I've already told you, we will be recording the sessions and you will have access to all of us, including your group mates through the entire time of the session

But Sudeshna, if you really want to help people, shouldn't you be giving all this for free?

Yes! I've been the person who has asked this question before. But you know what? I actually give 99% of my material for free. There are millions of free videos and papers and books on this stuff on the internet if you search. So why haven't they changed your life yet?

I understood this only after I paid for some very expensive courses. To put it simply, "Transaction leads to transformation." And I can explain that both spiritually and logically.

Where you put your time and money is where you put your intention. This is why, people at the $200 a month gyms are generally more attractive than the ones that use a $20 gym membership.

This is why the $20 courses on Udemy don't change lives but a session with Tony Robbins is life altering. But hey, you don't have to take my word for it.

Let's play a game. Think about the last time you spent $5 and felt happy. Then think about the last time you spent a ridiculous amount of money ($1000+) and felt happy.

I am willing to bet that you had to think really hard when it comes to the $5 question and you didn't even have to bat an eyelid to answer the $1000 question. Now you be the judge about what difference money makes when it comes to transformation and happiness.

How do I know this? I have taken thousands of courses, some totally worth the money and others completely useless. Unfortunately, I have spent more money put together on the useless stuff than on the expensive stuff. Because higher the transaction, the bigger the transformation. The more time and money we spend, the more we are committed to the change.

Can you do it all by yourself? Of course! Is it worth going through all by yourself with occasional support and mostly trolling from strangers on career forums? Well, I don't know about you, but my time is far more precious to be taking advice from people who have masks on, whose names you don't know, even less so about how qualified they are to help you...


Look, this stuff costs money. It took me money and time to learn all of it. It took me time to set all of this up. It even costed me time, energy and money to get you onto this page. So let me not pretend like the world is full of rainbows and unicorns. Could I give it out for free? Sure! Have I done it? 100%! With tons and tons of people. In fact, if you want you can write to me right now and book a free session with me. But you see, the free stuff never works and there's good reason why. So yes, this will cost money but also this will be life-altering!


Normally career coaches will charge you in multiple thousands to give you access to this sort of material transformation. And you will have to work through it all by yourself.

Instead, here we are giving you access to Jaye who is a seasoned career coach and me who is a personal development nerd and career strategist. We're giving you the course material and access to recorded videos. That in itself is worth over £10,000. AND, most importantly, we are creating a safe space for committed people like you to make sure that this is fail-proof for you. Value of that? Well, that's priceless... truly priceless.

Because we are doing this for the first time, Jaye and I decided to make it a no-brainer for you. The only catch is that there are limited spots available. We cannot accommodate more than 6 people to provide you with the magical experience we want to create for you.

So if you are still reading, I suggest you join in...

Because 6 people isn't a lot you know. Do you know how many people face these issues everyday? Definitely 100X of 6 people. So as you are thinking, someone else is hitting the ENROLL button... and because we have to limit it to 6, we need to make this first come, first serve... and that's why we may even see us refund your money if we have sold out the seats.

That's why instead of second guessing your potential and ability, commit to creating your life on your terms, unapologetically.

But hang on... if you are still debating, let me tell you a few reasons why you shouldn't join this programme:


  • You don't really struggle with waves of impostor syndrome and self-doubt. You don't second guess your career decisions. You achieve every goal you set. I mean if you are that person, why waste time learning about the stuff you already use in life? 

  • You are not coachable aka not interested in making a change - you would rather blame the economy and politics for what's happening in your personal career, than take action based on what a coach suggests you to do.

  • You'd rather seek out advice on Reddit than real people whose success is aligned with you succeeding.

  • You are unavailable through all the weekends of August and September, possibly even doing nothing!


If you fall into these 4 categories, please do us a favour and don't join.

It depresses me when smart people fall into the trap of self-sabotage

Self-doubt is easy, I get it! It’s easy to think of reasons why you’re not the best person for the job… it’s easy to struggle with keeping the motivation going. But it's not the solution. It's not sustainable.

There are things that are right now outside the zone of your consciousness. And as I learned about these secrets and systems, my life changed.

And not only me, Jaye Mason said the exact same thing too... as did a bunch of her and my students.

And they can work for you too.

We've stitched up this material to be the best bang for your buck. Investing a few hours, you can start to seize the career of your dreams.


Hi, am Sudeshna. I am a professional Strategist who helps businesses make more money. But am a big believer in nurturing and developing people. I know you are here because you want bigger and better things in life. I am here to tell you, "YOU CAN"!! Join me in this journey to create the life you dream about.

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