In these 10 90 minutes virtual sessions, we cover:
 - Introduction to your community who will help you become ninja achievers
- Figuring out your life's vision - starting with the end in mind
- Project planning and aligning your career and life goals 
- Reverse engineering to achieving your goals so that you are set up to succeed
- Building the muscles of focus and resilience while shelving things that keep you from achieving your goals 
- Group check-in and personalised in-session help
- Big picture thinking, and then diving into details - understanding how businesses work and what roles you can apply to
- Art and science of peak productivity while staying tapped into your energy
- Confident communication
- Final group session to measure progress and planning for the next year

We will be recording the sessions and you'll have free lifetime access to the recordings.
If you think that even that's not enough, here's what we are adding to make sure everything is rigged in your favour - you will be added to an exclusive private group for those who join us. 



Hi, am Sudeshna. I am a professional Strategist who helps businesses make more money. But am a big believer in nurturing and developing people. I know you are here because you want bigger and better things in life. I am here to tell you, "YOU CAN"!! Join me in this journey to create the life you dream about.

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