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Career diaries from a Risk Manager - week 7


I generally am at work by 8:30. I got my morning coffee and picked up breakfast on the way to work. In the morning, before other people get in, I try to get in half hour to plan my week. I work in the credit risk team and manage a few of our retail models. A weekly refresh of the current priorities helps me in planning my work and the work of my team. I have a 10 am scheduled for every Monday with my manager to understand his priorities and and 11 am with the team to go over the plan for the week.

After lunch I try to catch-up on the news everyday. A lot of our portfolios depend on nuances from across the globe, so it's very much a part of my job other than building and reviewing models. I also try keeping up with the latest regulations in the EU and US especially since that affects a lot of our portfolios.

I generally don't stay at work beyond 6 PM. I head home and spend some time with the family. I try to meditate for an hour everyday before dinner. I have a pretty boring life, what can I say?! Dinner at 9 and am off to bed by 11 PM after reading the book I'm on at the point. This week am reading "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle.


I pretty much follow an exact same routine. Tuesdays are my busy meeting days where I try and meet the other credit risk managers across our business through the day. We catch up on the major changes from last week and also specific concerns regarding any of our portfolios. We also from time to time discuss team performance and how best we can help our teams stay at peak productivity. This week there was a lot of talk around new approaches to some classic models with Machine Learning. I guess we need to watch this space because I tend to work more on the Regulatory side than the strategic risk advisory side of things.

I get in a session of Gym Boxing during the day, followed by some reading on new approaches to modelling risk. Usual evening routine follows - it sounds boring but it is one of the keys that keeps me balanced and productive. I find working 18 hour days highly unproductive, but then that's me!


Wednesdays are generally when I sit down with the team and solve particular technical problems that they are having. This week a lot of my team has been busy fetching numbers for some consultants who are helping us finalise approaches to refreshing our risk operating model. They've put in a meeting in the day to get my thoughts in as well. I need to be supporting this work-stream since both my boss and me believe that our approach to modelling is a bit dated. It's a good thing when you tend to agree with your boss - I can't say that's been the norm in my career but this one is different.

I am leaving early today - it's movie night, we're over the mid-week hump!


I am in a Leadership Development training today. It's not Risk related but one that I have been wanting to do for a while. I find it refreshing to come out from time to time with people who don't work in my field and exchange notes. It opens up new ways of thinking and being with both your team and work. I find that the work trainings help in improving my network as well. The training will get over at 4:30 followed by a few drinks. Will do that and go home. Might squeeze in a Gym Box session as well.


I am working from home today. Most of the team likes to work from home on Fridays. We generally do an all hands meeting to re-cap around lunch and let people get onto their learning specific goal for the week for the rest half of the day. We call it a day around 5.


I don't work on weekends. I only read books or spend some time learning. Whenever am not learning I find that I get frustrated. So I set myself a weekend goal of achieving something. This week am listening to the TWIML podcast and thinking of signing up for an Udemy course.

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