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How do I get a promotion? How do I ask her out? How do I get a raise?

Hi, everyone, this is Sudeshna from the abundance psyche, and you are listening to the not so corporate podcast. Here, we give you tips and tricks about your corporate entrepreneurship journey and talk about all the things that are not so corporate. So let me tell you a story. This just happened earlier today. I messaged this girl about a few things that I wanted to understand from her. And she was really caught. And she seemed really mean on the message. I got on to this assumption mode and thought, Oh, she is really strange. Why would she reply like that? You know, two hours later, I realized that she's breathless, and she is getting a COVID test done. So that got me back into wondering, what was I doing? Instead of asking, I just assumed that she was being mean. And this is what so many of us do, every single day of our lives. So here's my message for you today. Don't assume just ask the questions every time you felt like you'll sound silly and stupid. If you just ask that question. Don't assume, ask, don't assume that you are not going to get that next promotion or that next raise, just ask, if you have been wanting to ask someone out for a date, don't assume that you'll be rejected, just ask. And this is something that we really need to work on. We need to not assume on behalf of the other person, we need to ask them, that is being respectful not only of ourselves but also actually and more importantly, of the person of whom you are assuming that thing. You are basically just projecting whatever is in your head onto that other person, your beliefs and your assumptions. Remember, they have nothing whatsoever to do with that person. So instead of assuming, just ask, and on this topic, I actually wanted to talk to you about prayers. And this is why prayers are so important. I don't mean to say that you need to ask some God up in the sky for something that you want. But ask the god, the consciousness in yourself, pray to that God or consciousness or universe or whatever you will call it and just ask the question. Asking brings the assumption from your unconscious mind to your conscious mind. And the moment a thought is there in your conscious mind, it becomes increasingly more powerful, it becomes so much more powerful than it just starts manifesting in your life. And the funny thing is, no one ever taught that to us about praying. It is just simple guys. It's just bringing a thought from your unconscious mind to your conscious mind. When you write things down. When you speak things out loud. When you pray for something, you bring thought and impression of thought and give it some form. And the moment you give it some form. It carries more energy, and that energy starts getting your prayers to come true. And that is why prayers are powerful. There's no woo-woo reason behind this. It's just science. The moment you bring something from unconscious to your conscious, you energize that thought that impression. And therefore your thought, which was in your unconscious now is in your conscious, and therefore suddenly your prayer starts getting answered because you have energized that and then you follow it up with actions. That is how prayers get answered, guys. There's nothing woo-woo about this. But praying is an incredibly powerful thing to ask of the universe and not assume that you won't get what you are asking for. That's it for today. If you like that. If you have any thoughts, comments, leave them down below. If you enjoyed this, share it out with your friends. Don't forget to hit the like and subscribe button and I'll see you next time.


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