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How to deal with negative emotions

This is it! I've had enough of this negativity already and it's time to move on. But my god, has it been hard? YES!! Why don't some people listen to state advise?

I'll tell you why! And then I'll tell you some more... So listen up, pen down, here we go. Every time bad news hits us, there are a few stages we go through in the human mind.


Unfortunately this still is some of our parents. And definitely Boris Johnson's dad! In this stage we're in a shock and unable to give up control of what we've lost. So we just deny the facts and defy the orders. Typical behaviour says, "I don't care for Covid-19, I'll still go to the pub."


Unfortunately this is also another unhelpful but essential stage. When people around us panic, we panic. It's nothing more complicated than the increase in adrenaline and cortisol levels in your body responding to the environment around you. So what do we buy? Sanitizers and toilet paper of course, forgetting the stash of hidden soap in the bathroom that could last me a year! (Or is that just me?!)


Finally as the adrenaline dips, we start accepting things as they are. We stay indoor, and stockpile necessities (not toilet paper!!).

And this is where things get really, really, really fascinating... there are two parallel versions of stage 4 - option A) Revert back to living the average life option B) When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (and sell it!).

You know me, I don't want to lead an average life. Not that there's something wrong with being average, but that's not me and that's not you. So, why waste time talking about other people? Let's talk about the next stages for people like you and me, okay? Okay!


This one is for the people who will come out of this horrific time and still have something to show for these days. This one is for the creatives. Now you might be thinking, but Sudeshna, I don't have a creative cell in my body! But this isn't art or music you see. This is the creativity all of us have in designing and determining what we want to achieve in this time. Is there a hobby project you started and never completed? Did you want to always eat healthy? Did you want to always learn something but didn't have time? This is the time to get creative and figure out what you can achieve in the forced time-constraint that has been imposed on us.


Creativity without action is... well, immaterial as far as I am concerned. Most of us have great ideas but action differentiates those of us who will have something to show for this time or not. And action needs motivation and planning. So, here's my challenge to you today. What is it that you want to achieve out of this time in a limbo and what's the action that you want to take to achieve that? Write back to me, I'll help you implement.

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