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How to get ready for your dream job?

They seem to have it all sorted out! Raises, promotions, and even career pivots come easy! Who are these people? How did they pivot their careers? And can I do the same?

Of course, you can! And it’s surprisingly “easy breezy”... well that’s what the feel it should be anyway. Because dream jobs are not meant to make your work 5X harder!

But, how do you get into a different job when you feel like you don't really have the skills for it?

Everyone seems to be talking about career pivots and you might be wondering where they are really getting the skills for because the university didn’t teach them that! Did they retrain? Take a bunch of courses? Or were they just lucky?

Today, I'm going to share with you the five-step method that will actually get your CV ready for the next job.

1. Identify your dream job

2. Figure out what are the skills that you need to be excellent at this job

3. Figure out your transferable skills

What are the skills that you already have, from your current life, from your previous jobs, from your previous life experiences, and put those into the bucket for skills I already possess?

4. Do a gap analysis

What are the skills they need? What are the skills that you have missing? Once you've done the gap analysis, go get the skills that you need to have on your resume for getting the job

5. The final step is actually getting your CV. And it so important these days, to actually get your LinkedIn ready to be found for those jobs.

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