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Jayden Jaymes Interview Nudist Colony




com, that has been rated 5 times with users rating it 92% TASTEFUL is at HOT WIFE: Michael, how was your week? I met a sexy guy on the internet and we started to talk about the possibility of me meeting him in real life. I told him that I loved roleplaying and he told me that he loved to get into the role of a Domme. He immediately started to undress and I started to strip naked as well. I asked him if he was ever a Domme and he said that he was not but he knew lots of Dommes and one of them was his wife. I wanted to see him being tied up and I asked him to show me how he would tie me up. Once I was bound and gagged he decided that I needed to be spanked, first on my ass and then on my tits. He enjoyed that so much that he decided to switch from a spanking to a paddling. He bound me to the bed with nylon and then paddled my ass hard and then my tits. I was spanked and slapped across my breasts and tits, and I ended up covered in hot spunk. I never thought that I would love to be spanked and paddled so much but this turned me on. What are your turn ons? I like roleplaying, sex with strangers and voyeurism. I love taking control of a guy and letting him know who's the master. I'm not really into the masochistic stuff but I enjoy when a guy likes to be dominated and control. I like to get tied up, give you a spanking, a paddling, or a caning, and then I like to know that you can't get hard no matter how hard you try. Are you still able to get hard? I would love to do things like that with you... Is there a time when you think you can cum? I'm not sure when I would cum... How often do you like to watch porn? I enjoy it when I go to the grocery store and I think about what I'm going to do when I get home. I'll probably start making up some roleplaying or just enjoying the fucking for the night. Or I'll start thinking about something that I want to do when I get home. And my biggest fantasy is to have a threesome with two girls. What are you looking for in a boyfriend? Someone who is confident, masculine, sexy and knows what he wants. Someone who can make me wet





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Jayden Jaymes Interview Nudist Colony
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