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Your CV is worth more than $25k in most cases

Are you looking for a job, ever looked for a job or might look for a job sometime in the future? Then you need to know this open secret that most top performers know. And this cuts across all industries from consulting to banking and tech. I could write a whole research paper on why this mind-boggling claim is indeed true but I'd rather that you see it for yourself.


Let’s play a game. Let's imagine that you want to buy a phone. You’re not sure which phone to buy. How long do you research before making a decision?


Your answer is probably in a few hours or days. You want to research every tiny feature - the camera, the microphone, the design, longeivity. You want to feel it in your hands, look at the colours, think about how easy it is to silence it when you're in a meeting, or how amazing it would be to show it off at the next dinner party. Now imagine, that instead of the $1k budget, hypothetically that you’re spending $25k on the phone and you don’t know when you can next buy another one. Does your answer change?


Of course! You now spend more time and energy researching.

Yet when it comes to our resumes, we don’t spend as much time. You see, we never think of ourselves as the seller of our skill set. No one ever quantifies the value of our CV to us.


But this is exactly what hiring managers are thinking of as buyers when they're hiring. Only probably with a cost higher than $25k, because most entry level jobs start at $25k in the west. They hardly know anything about you. They don’t know if you get on with the team, if you’re a problem solver, or how long you’re going to stick around. And they’re supposed to make the first call of whether you’re worth the salary you’re asking for, looking at your resume.

Are you frustrated of applying to job after job and not hearing back?


May be you're making the rookie mistakes on your CV... or may be the blasphemous blunders that keep your resume getting dings. Or may be you you're doing both- in spite of following all the tips and tricks Google had to offer! Because no one told you any better.


You've been to your career service, or may be you got your CV professionally written by the pros that never had the job you want. You've been applying for job after job but the phone refuses to ring. You've started doubting if it's you... if your skill set is still valid.

But hey, I hate it when people give up on themselves. Don't add to the statistic!

"But I am not looking for a job"


I hear you say... guess what? Unless you're planning to retire you very well might be in the next two years. In fact, statistically 84% of the current workforce is always looking for a job and who's to say that won't be you soon?

But here's the even more important bit - this applies even when you're applying for a promotion or looking at moving to another department of your company. And also it's not just about your CV. I send free goodies on email relating to your career every week.

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