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Knowing what I know now, I don’t regret spending over 5 years finessing my resume


Hi, I am Sudeshna, who unlike most coaches in the market, actually had a REAL JOB, and a decade ago, when I was a student, I wanted to create a system to craft a resume that always gets interview calls.

I spent 5 YEARS writing my resume, and tweaking it. Why? Because this is stuff I geek out on! I applied to banks like HSBC and JP Morgan, consulting firms like McKinsey and Deloitte, tech companies like Facebook and Google, only to either receive “regret emails” rejecting me or, never hear back at all!


When I sent my CV to a company, I was excited like a child on candy- counting the chickens before the eggs! I wanted to tell them why there could be no one more perfect than me! But then started the wait… more wait… and then finally either getting an automated email response to hear about their regret to inform me that there are better candidates, or worse even… NOT HEARING back at all! I kept doing it over and over again, thinking, “This time it will be different!”.  Then started the next phase, did they even get my resume? Did they check it? Is my email working fine or is the response to my job application in my spam folder?

Urrghhh! I wish this didn’t happen a single time, but it did. It happened like a zillion times!

And that’s when I let out my inner geek! I am a Leo, so not very good at getting ignored! So I started with getting advice from my college placement cell. Then reached out to my seniors in various industries. Spoke to career consultants. Read every article and book on CV writing tips that I could. And I fine-tuned my CV over and over again… for 3 years.

And then something changed. I got an internship. I kept at my CV, and then I landed a job. And then another. And another!

The last few times I changed jobs, I had so many offers that I had to politely remind companies that if they were interested in making me an offer, it better be better than an offer I currently had. And in the last case, I had to go about deleting my CV from most job portals to stop my phone go ringing!

An amazing CV can open up a ton of opportunities.

Now, I've been on both sides of the table — as a candidate AND as a hiring manager.


And I’ve a confession to make on behalf of all hiring managers.


Most of us HATE hiring (they wish they could retain the previous guy instead of hiring you TBH!) and with your CV, you basically get 6 seconds to make or break.

I want to let you on to the biggest kept "open" secret of the industry.


Why should you listen to me? Because I was like you, heart broken, angry and frustrated... But being the nerd that I am, I decided to study it. As a student of Economics, I learned that we learn more by doing than by just reading and not acting. So I am organising a webinar to up your resume writing skills soon. I want you to join me live.

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