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Business By Design by James Wedmore - an honest review from a business geek (2022)

Business by Design by James Wedmore is life-changing!


I know, I know, where's the evidence? Aren't you a data scientist Sudeshna?

Of course you don’t want to just believe me saying that BBD is amazing when I promised you a review first. And I’ll come to that. But for starters, let me tell you a bit about me- because, if you have landed here without knowing who I am, chances are that you may not be in the same place as I was when I invested in James Wedmore's Business by Design (BBD).


Hi, I am Sudeshna. I am a corporate leader by the day and an entrepreneur by the night. I have over a decade of experience working with data and numbers for the biggest Fortune 500 companies, and as a strategy consultant who used to work for PwC and Deloitte, I have seen some pretty solid businesses. The point I am trying to make here, is you can trust me on business investment decisions because I have the right credentials.


But when I started on this journey of entrepreneurship after 10+ years of big corporate life, I had much to unlearn. And sometimes, the biggest thing you need to learn in business is to unlearn your previous conditioning. And this is where the James Wedmore magic comes in. If you have been around James for any amount of time, you will know that he is the antithesis of corporate. He is about the woo, the magic, the typical Jameism. But let that not fool you into thinking he doesn’t know what he is doing- in fact, because he is so good at what he is doing, he can make it stupid easy to understand.

Okay, Sudeshna, now get to the point!

What is Business by Design and what is James all about?

Business by Design is James Wedmore’s signature business programme where he literally gives you all the processes he uses inside his business and tells you how to start, and scale your digital products business.


And James Wedmore has been running Business by Design (BBD) since 2016, before which he used to have a digital business around growing your business with YouTube- Video Traffic Academy. Before that business he used to own another digital business, teaching bartenders on how to make better tips! So, in case you are wondering he is definitely not one of those who is teaching you to run a business as his first business.


I’ve followed the online business space for a few years quite geekishly and I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. And I have to say that the energy James Wedmore has around him is pretty incredible- in addition to James himself and his team, the BBD community feels like family you never had (and not in a weird dysfunctional way!!).


Why is Business By Design unique? What does it have that I can’t find in other programmes?

Business by Design is not a marketing programme that a million people are selling. BBD is pretty full-on and intense and James pushes you to be the Digital CEO in your business rather than the overworked, underpaid employee. For me, BBD was a mindset shift of I have to invent all my processes and do everything myself to trusting the road-tested processes within Business by Design and hiring a team around me to help me grow.


So, what exactly does it include?

  • 6 self-paced modules on Business Growth Training

  • Access to step-by-step plug-and-play processes that 7-figure business owners are using within the BBD community

  • 6 weeks of coaching with James and access to a team of 9 coaches

  • Access to the BBD community

  • Lifetime access (even to the coaching)

BBD LOGO_Color_Light Backgrounds.png

Okay, what are the Modules, and what is covered?


MODULE 1 covers YOU BY DESIGN and this will challenge why you want to start or started your business in the first place.


In 2021, the module covered:

  • Creating YOU by Design

  • The #1 thing that all successful CEOs have in common

  • Your beliefs about your business

  • Your beliefs about money

  • Alignment

  • Your relationship with time

  • How to let go of the biggest thing that is holding you back


PROS: THIS is where the magic is. This is where James asks you to take a hard look at yourself and ask the big question- what does YOUR Business By Design look like? And if I had thought early enough about this big question, I probably would have saved a ton of time and energy.

CONS: Self-introspection is HARD and has brought me to tears many times! It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. But then, business is the biggest professional and personal growth journey most people will ever undertake.


Module 2 gives you the guide to how James runs his business and how actually every internet entrepreneur should be running their business.


Here BBD covered things like:

  • Defining your breakthrough year

  • How James runs his business

  • The Mount Everest Exercise

  • Knowing your numbers

  • Elevating your role

  • How to work as a team

  • Ascension Model

  • Principles of marketing

PROS: Identifying how I work, my goals, my ascension model and tracking my numbers, working in 90-day cycles was pretty huge for me. And out of this, working in 90-day chunks like big businesses do was what allowed my business to slightly grow up.

CONS: The nature of entrepreneurs is that they like to make and break things. However, businesses need certainty and discipline. This is a hard to digest truth for many new entrepreneurs, but this is what will ultimately make you the money.



Module 3 gives you the exact step by step guide to creating your irresistible offer

It covers:

  • Core ingredients of an irresistible offer

  • Pricing

  • Your Story

  • How to know if you have a home-run offer


PROS: For a year before joining BBD, I had been trying to craft my offers. A few landed and a few didn’t. I could never understand why. I even bought “Irresistible Offer creation” courses that helped perhaps negatively! Post BBD, I have stopped second-guessing if my offers will land. It takes the uncertainty out of the equation and gives you the simple formula you need to make every offer land.

CONS: Honestly, zero cons here because have you ever bought something because you thought they had a terrible offer? No!



Module 4 advises you on how to go about building your team, even if you don’t feel ready yet

For this phase, you need to understand:

  • Identify the phase you are in

  • Your role

  • Whom to hire

  • Hiring a VA and a team

PROS: BBD helps you to think like a grown-up business from the get-go and asks you to outsource tasks that are not worth your time. Most business programmes I have taken don’t ever mention hiring a team, though personally from my standpoint, this was the key to MY Business by Design.

CONS: I recognise that many people might be apprehensive about hiring help when starting out. So, this module gets the least number of hits in the BBD portal.



Module 5 gets you to start building your sales machine by perfecting your messaging


Here he covers the:

  • Messaging framework

  • Understanding your customer and their struggles

  • Handling objections

  • Identifying content that sells

  • Identifying content that sells

  • Authentic selling


PROS: This is Wedmore Wizardry at its finest! I love the wordplay but the true masterpiece here is how to stop being a teacher and be a thought leader. The BBD processes also include a process to design your sales page, live launch, webinar, emails, and more, which means, yet again, you are building a business machine rather than hoping and praying for leads. I can also vouch that writing my Sales Page before planning the launch, changed my entire launch.

CONS: Not everyone loves words as much as I do. But then, if you are in the digital marketing and online business space, you do need to learn this. What I wish though is that it had a bit more content around organic channels, and how to build a following on a blog/podcast/YouTube.



Module 6 touches on all the different bits you can cover to scale your business, without working harder


It includes:

  • What to do post-launch

  • How to turn around a failed launch

  • Improving launch performance

  • Increasing your list size

  • Automating everything


PROS: As a corporate strategist, I know how much we learn from a post-delivery debrief because the lesson is always in the debrief. But in the internet business world, I have definitely not seen anyone other than James even mention a post-delivery debrief. So, from the get-go, you are prepared to learn in the debrief, rather than obsessing about a successful first launch.

CONS: Some parts of this module are perhaps going to serve you for some time if you are an early-stage entrepreneur. But nevertheless, knowing that you have all the resources when you need them was a massive winner for me.

The LIVE Coaching Calls with James

You get 6-weeks of James talking you through all the modules practically and tons of chances to ask questions and opportunities for hot-seat coaching. You need to register for the calls inside the BBD portal and replays are available if you can’t make the time or can make only some part of the call.


AND 6 LIVE Coaching Calls with BBD Coaches

Yes, these additional 6 calls are over and above James' coaching calls. And at this point, investing in Business By Design almost becomes a no-brainer... but there's more!!!



James keeps saying that BBD is like a Lego instruction manual. And that he has literally included all the business processes he uses in his business in BBD. And he is not even simplifying. Processes are what let a business grow up. And if you are continuously reinventing the wheel, of course, you don't have time outside your business.

BBD literally has a process for everything you could want in your business and that means, you don't need to spend any time outside doing what you need to generate revenue in your business. You can use the processes yourself or hand them over to a VA or your team.

Business by Design (BBD) LIVE

BBD LIVE in 2021 was virtual, and I’ll be honest, I’ve attended and organised a ton of virtual events. BBD LIVE was different. The energy was infectious and the camaraderie was unparalleled. In addition to coaching from James, we got coached by a few BBD members and also a professional coach. Tons of networking, and lots of breakthroughs around what is working in the business right now.


BBD Next Level

BBD Next Level takes your BBD experience to the next level by providing you with 1 year of coaching with James and the team as opposed to the 6 weeks with James and the coaches. Next Level also has a different Facebook Group and definitely gets even more attention.


How much does BBD cost?

Not as much as it should! And I am not exaggerating. I have been in the internet entrepreneurship space for a while to know offers out there in the market and I know for a fact that most programmes at this price point don't come with the coaching and support that BBD does, or with the wealth of knowledge. BBD costed lesser than the amount I made in the first year of my business, and I definitely didn't make even $5k in my first year. That said, the price of Business by Design in 2022 will be available only when James opens the doors in June 2022, and at this point, anyone else who is offering you a price is simply speculating.


Is that all? What about Bonuses?

One of the reasons BBD is so attractive is the Bonuses it comes with! In 2021, the bonuses James offered were:

  • Nail your Niche

  • Your First 100 Leads

  • Program Design

  • Mind your Money

  • Absolute Automation

  • The 2-Day LIVE Launch process

  • Power of Process Mini-Series

  • Video Outsourcing Mini-Course

  • Case Studies

  • Facebook ads training

  • Testimonial Getter

  • And more!!!

Chances are that James will offer the same bonuses this year as well, and maybe more because gift-giving is indeed James' love language.


What sets Business by Design from the thousands of other programmes in the market?

I have invested in a LOT of programmes over the years, and what most programmes do is specifically cover a part of marketing or nailing an idea or crafting your message. What is exceptional about BBD is that James teaches you how to build a business machine- from nailing your niche to running your launches, building your team, and then scaling. It is literally the library of everything you need to know to get your business from 0 to 7 figures.

I've carefully studied the biggest programmes out there like Marie Forleo's B-School, or Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula, or Ramit Sethi's Earnable. And I can hand on my heart say Business By Design is a programme built keeping in mind the principles of generosity and abundance. No programme at this price point comes even close to offering what BBD offers.

The other thing I loved about the programme is that there are almost no programme that offers the level of support that BBD does. You get 6 calls with James, 6 with the BBD coaches, and then you have the community for life. The coaches will help you through the year within the community. And if you miss something, you can keep coming back to it year over year. He basically is the master of crafting an irresistible offer.

Finally, I know not many business coaches can talk about spirituality and business in the same breath. BBD is a classic example of how spirituality impacts your business, and it talks about it logically, using examples from neuroscience. Most spiritual people I know have huge money blocks. Most business people I know are not open enough to spirituality. The BBD community has been one that gave me permission to want to live in abundance and make more money, while being spiritually aligned to my purpose. And for that, I am incredibly grateful to James.


Why did I join Business By Design even after being a corporate business consultant myself? AND even after signing up for several other business programmes?


In one word, it is because of James. I had been following James for a year before I joined Business by Design, and I hadn't seen another person in the online business space who was as humble, smart, and down-to-earth. I really liked the energy James brought to his clients, and I wanted to offer the same to mine- with the approach of abundance mixed with tough love, while following the principles of business, common sense, and logic.


I was and still am building a business alongside working as a full-time corporate leader with a toddler. So, unlike other entrepreneurs who want to go solo and not take help as long as they can afford it, I was ready to learn how to build a business machine and a team to support me from the get-go. Again, no other business coach I know spoke about hiring a team as early as James did. And I honestly think I wouldn't have finished 2 years in business had I not hired my first VA 2 years back.


BBD gave me the tools to craft my offer, build my business machine, hire my team, and lead from a place of authenticity. Yes, I knew a lot of these principles from my decade of corporate experience but I didn't understand and integrate them into my life. And when I heard that BBD comes with the support that no other business programme offers, it became a no-brainer for me to join.

CONCLUSION – should you join BBD?


Moment of radical truth- I did not join BBD the first time I saw the offer because I thought I was too new and just starting out. I wanted to experiment and figure it out myself. And almost every day since I invested in BBD last year, I have thought to myself, why didn’t I join this last year? Why did I spend time, energy and money on chasing shiny tactics and questionable courses?

But I understand that many people who get into the digital products and internet business world, just dabble for some time and then leave. And if you are a dabbler, BBD is not for you. But if you are even remotely serious about this business you are about to launch or have already launched, I cannot recommend Business By Design enough. I learned a lot of strategies, tactics, marketing, team building, leadership, networking, etc. through BBD. I met a community of amazing people who are available to help and input at any point in your entrepreneurial journey. I made money using the processes from BBD. But those are not my biggest achievements out of BBD. For me, what Business By Design and James helped me with, was standing in my own confidence and owning my voice unapologetically. And that, I simply can’t put a price tag on.


And while I am at it, I might as well add that during the first year of my business, I was working will 2 in the morning every day, working around my day job and family. I was about to reach the point of another burnout. But post BBD, thanks to the systems and processes inside, I started enjoying the downtime without guilt and literally stopped doing the "busy work" in my business.


I made more offers to more people and started generating a steady revenue stream. Without doing more work! And while growing as a leader and a human being.

So, if you are serious about business and/or personal development, BBD is personal development on steroids.

A tiny CON

The only one thing I wish BBD had, in addition, was organic marketing strategies because I have personally struggled with ads, even after trying a number of times. And I have been incredibly successful using organic methods. In fact, chances are that you are here on this page because of my ninja organic marketing skills.


BUT that's not a CON when you join BBD through me


If you decide to join BBD through me, I will specially cover with you all that I learned from the best organic marketers out there.


When you join BBD through me, over and above everything James gives you, you also get:

  • 6 weeks of LIVE coaching with me to cover organic traffic building strategies, nailing your offer, analyzing the data in your business, looking at your tech stack, and overall business strategy. Basically, you get the chance to have my brains, typically used by Fortune 500 companies for their business strategy, on your business.

  • Content creation and re-purposing system, that I use for my business.

  • Tech stack for starting out, in case you don't want to invest in the advanced tech stack as yet.

  • Unshakable Confidence Masterclass

  • How to hack an entrepreneurial burnout using creativity.

  • Exclusive Access to me within my Whatsapp Group

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