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 To the underdog who is tired of repeatedly getting rejected from dream jobs, and ready to take intentional action to massively grow their career

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Walk away knowing the compelling CV writing formula to land top jobs, and avoid the job search hell, from the girl who cracked top international jobs even after being written off by her college professors.

With results like this:

"Changed my career and landed my dream job"

"Secured 6 jobs in and around London"

"I don’t have to look for a job again!"

Of course, our students are RAVING about this stuff!

Do you feel like you are ready to take on a new challenge in your career… MORE money, MORE impact, and MORE rest? 

You are ambitious and actually want to leave this world a better place than you found it. AND you want to make the money and lead the life you desire, whether that be working in Big Tech or big banks or the Big Fours or MBB Consulting.

You know you will be an asset to your next employer but…

Heading 1

YOU ARE GETTING CALLBACKS FOR 1 OUT OF the 20 jobs you have applied to!


Frustrated, you keep applying because someone told you that it’s all about numbers and job search is a numbers game.


And then you get agitated, “Why could my parents not be well connected to land me a 6-figure job?”

Or worse even you stop applying and wait for a referral because someone else told you that referrals are the only way to get an interview.


And you believed them because what else could it be? The interview calls you are receiving are far and scarce. Your CV seems to be lost in the black hole of doom, with no hope of light at the end of the tunnel.

And if you are like most of my students, you are beginning to ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way?”

Chances are that you are even starting to wonder, “How long can l actually keep doing this?”

Sounds familiar?


I was exactly like you… ambitious, driven, waiting to make a mark on this world!


For the 5 years, I was in college, I applied to top jobs at banks like HSBC and JP Morgan, consulting firms like McKinsey and Deloitte, tech companies like Facebook and Google. 


I played the numbers game…


But for 4.5 years, I either received “regret emails” rejecting me without any explanation of what was wrong. And most of the time, I never heard back at all! 


I keep getting rejected… over and over and over again!

unnamed (1).png

But it’s a numbers game, I thought and I kept applying it over and over again!


I thought, “This time it will be different!”. 


But I didn’t hear back. So I started questioning - did they even get my resume? Did they check it? Is my email working fine or is the response to my job application in my spam folder?


Urrghhh! I wish this didn’t happen more than just a few times, BUT IT DID!


It happened like a zillion times for me to realize that JOB SEARCH IS NOT A NUMBERS GAME!


Think about it, if it was just a numbers game, how do you explain non-stop messages from top companies on my LinkedIn these days?

unnamed (3).png

And actually even forget that! Think about how an average Indian girl landed a job with Apple in San Fran with a degree in literature and no connections.


Or a Romanian Sales Associate landed their dream Product Management job in London after being rejected over and over again.


It is easy to say they were well-connected or just got lucky! Heck, when I moved to London and landed multiple jobs in the next 2 months, that’s exactly what people told about me too. 


But I didn’t have any connections in the industry. My mum was a Professor in a remote town in India. My dad was a civil servant. I started exactly from where you are… or maybe even a step backward because I wasn’t even born and raised in the west!


The thing that most people don’t realize is that, even when you have the right connections, they will eventually ask for that one single piece of information- your CV!


An amazing resume can open up a ton of opportunities.


Now, I've been on both sides of the table — as a candidate AND as a hiring manager.

 And I have a confession to make on behalf of all hiring managers...


Hiring managers spend 6 seconds looking at a CV.


Most of us HATE hiring (they wish they could retain the previous rockstar employee in the role instead of hiring you TBH!) and with your CV, you basically get 6 seconds to make or break.


​ALL your skills… ALL your talents… your work ethics and personality…ALL the years of hard work… just worth 6 seconds. Not because you’re not important, but because they just have a hundred other things to do.

RV'S (5).png


For many of us, our CV is the first and only thing about us that a hiring manager sees. You might be asking for a $100k salary but if your CV doesn’t demonstrate that your skills are actually worth $100k as well, chuck it!

Call me crazy but that is a LOT of pressure on one piece of paper!


AND if you want more than 6 seconds, you need to make your resume irresistible- so compelling that the hiring manager is fighting for you during the interview!

Is it the font and the formatting?

Is it your technical skills?

Maybe you don’t even have enough experience!

Or may be there are hundreds of people better than you…

Is it your career gap?

So if you are unsure about whether your resume paints the right picture of yourself, you need to hit pause and rethink this.

It could be a million things, how could you possibly know, right?


But if you are thinking about it, you probably know that your resume might not pass the 6-second rule.


But don’t take my word for it. Bring up a copy of your resume and imagine you’re the hiring manager…


They pick up your CV and what do they know about you in the next 6 seconds?


​This is the litmus test! Get your CV out and pretend that you don’t know yourself. Skim for 6 seconds.

What jumps out as amazing projects? Do you think it’s memorable? Would you want me to talk to you?

School doesn’t teach us how to write a great resume!


And if you are like most of my students, chances are that you were not even taught this in university. The only place you have found remotely helpful advice is by Googling and even then you were reminded of “tips” and “tricks” and grammar checks and paragraph alignment.

And that’s important… but it’s just that basic expectation that the hiring manager has when they pick up your application. It’s what gets you a 1/10, not 10/10.


But if you don’t learn this, you risk the chance of being the best-kept secret in your industry… while your friends and co-workers find a better job, a better salary, and better balance… 


And you risk being completely irrelevant while you become complacent and coast for 30 years in a job you were never even meant to do!


After 5 years of miserable rejections, I finally cracked the code…I started securing more jobs than I could handle. And then I applied it as many times as I could with myself, my family, clients, and students.


And the results they got were also abnormal… FAANG jobs, 50% raises, multiple dream jobs… and the list goes on!

As a matter of fact, a good resume doesn’t just open doors to lucrative opportunities for you.

It also:

  1. Establishes your credibility in the industry

  2. Attracts amazing jobs without you having to go through the job search hell

  3. Repels jobs that are not the right match for you, ultimately saving you time and energy



When their resumes are not getting interviews, experienced professionals overcompensate.


They watch every video and read every blog they can find. And ask for the opinions of friends and family who frankly are neither trained to look at your resume nor are able to give you hard feedback... so they end up confusing you... and that ends up being reflected on your CV.


And you already know that it’s probably going to do you more harm than good because you won’t know what the problem is and keep getting those rejections on repeat.

Or worse, Mistake #2...


When they get tired of it all, they hire a resume writer…


But the reality is, throwing money at the problem doesn’t make it go away! 


Besides, a resume writer simply does NOT know your experience better than you do! AND the GOOD ones are not really cheap! Don’t you think paying someone $200 for a resume rewrite is a little too good to be true?


In fact, till you FACE the fact that you need to perfect the art of resume writing, that problem is never going to go away for good.

After spending over 10 years working for top firms across the world, I can tell you that when you LEARN and MASTER the skills of how to use words to influence, you take that skill with you wherever you go!



Chances are that people around you have told you that you need to keep adding technical skills to your resume.


But have you considered that if you add another skill to your already full resume, and then you get rejected, how would it feel? Would it be worthwhile having acquired the latest shiny new certification?


So what’s more important- landing a lucrative job or another couple of lines to your resume?




If you’re like most who have read this far, you are starting to see the possibility of a well-written resume and what it will do to get you noticed in your industry… but you’re probably imagining yourself staring at your resume with a blinking cursor while you ask yourself, 

“How the heck am I supposed to write this?!”

What do I even say? How do I even say it? And how do I make sure I’m including all the right pieces and leave out the non-essentials?!


It can be so daunting and intimidating that you avoid it looking for other ways to stay busy and distracted in your current job. And I get it.


But here's a little 'Insider Secret' for ya: 


There’s something that matters a LOT more than ugly fonts and spacing!

Image by Kristina Flour

Most CVs that end up at top of the pile have one thing in common:





Baker Decorating Cake

You see, there’s a recipe to writing a compelling CV.


And this recipe consists of

3-KEY INGREDIENTS with a flavoring on top. And if you’re missing even just one section, you run the risk of getting the “No.”


So, just like a classic riddle:


“How do you eat an elephant? 


A: One bite at a time”


We can ask a similar question:









There is also a specific order in which you need to go through the steps.


PLUS… each step should check off the sub-steps, hitting all the right notes, so that the orchestra is in tune!


And then, just like a symphony, your resume is music to the hiring manager’s ears.


So, what if you had a set of step-by-step instructions for each of those steps? Imagine if you could follow these steps with paint-by-numbers precision and simplicity... EVEN if you’ve never written your CV before or in a decade!


No more overwhelm!


No more wondering if it will convert!


No more wasting time or money!


Imagine for just a moment...

...that you had a step-by-step process for building out your resume...

...imagine you could get it done in as little as over a couple of hours in a weekend...

...You would have a completed resume LOGICALLY ASSEMBLED in a weekend from RIGHT NOW!


And you already know once it’s done... it’s done! You’d never have to do it again! In fact, we (and our students) use the exact CV structure to find jobs and get headhunted over and over and over again! Isn’t it great to build something once and get it to work for you for years?!


Wouldn’t that be nice?


Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because... it’s here.




The Deceptively Simple 3-Step Compelling CV Writing System for Assembling Your Highest Converting Job Application YET… or Your Money Back!




life tree (12).png
life tree (14).png
life tree (13).png

3 CORE Pre-recorded Training Modules on How to Turn Your CV from Boring to Brilliant using the simple 3-step RRR formula 

2 LIVE training calls with me to walk you through the formula LIVE, opportunity to get feedback on your CV, and answer any questions so that you can get your Compelling CV ready over a weekend

value £777

Resume Teardowns with my past clients including students, working professionals, career changers

value £197

My simple pain-free Cover Letter formula - never second guess your cover letter again

Worksheets and Resume templates that I and my students have used, and you can too... right away!

value £97

Compelling CV-checklist to finalize all edits

value £297

value £47

value £47

All of this is easily worth over £1,400... but today Rapid Resume Revamp is available for you only at £297 £47!




       BONUS 1: Craft a compelling LinkedIn profile to attract headhunters on

       repeat - value £347

       BONUS 2: 3 Timeless Job Search Hacks workshop - value £97

       BONUS 3: The art of story-telling - value £247




“I landed a job at Apple with a literature degree!”

My CV got picked up by Apple on LinkedIn following this process and I ended up working there between their San Francisco and London offices. 



“Right out of university I landed an off-campus job at Deloitte. 20% higher paid than my offer on campus!”


I never thought I would have multiple prestigious jobs offers right out of college without any network. But I had over 3 and ended up joining Deloitte which changed the trajectory of my career.

MARIA S_edited.jpg

Maria, C.

"I expected to have a new and shiny CV, but I ultimately got a new mindset and purpose which helped me land my dream job in tech with 50% salary increase."

The process helped me reset and understand what I wanted to do and why. I had a mindset revamp and that reflected in how I approached finding work.

Image by Yuvraj Singh


“Shifted my confidence in 90 minutes!”

I gained clarity and confidence right after the first session.


Ajay C.

“I got a lot of interviews and secured 6 jobs in London after 9 years of being out of the market.”

It was a first step towards editing my CV after 9 years and very helpful to understand the current market.

life tree (31)_edited.png

I myself used this exact same system to land interviews at PwC, Deloitte, Accenture, Facebook, Google, Microsoft among others - even after a career gap in my CV.

Let’s face it, career gaps are both tough and fun but navigating through that on your CV can be daunting. And having done so myself, I can assure you that you have everything you need here to navigate through career gaps and sabbaticals.

Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside Rapid Resume Revamp

once you sign up


The 3 steps Compelling CV Formula and Bonuses including

Training #1

Understand and operate from your “WHY”

so that you are effective in the job market

life tree (10).png

Far too many times I have heard people say that they feel like a sell-out when they are writing their resumes. And I get it- all of us ultimately want to be able to do something that makes a difference in the world. 


If you find yourself asking, “Why am I doing this?” over and over again during the job search, you might be missing the point of it all. This is exactly where we start inside Rapid Resume Revamp!


Imagine what a relief it would be to never ever have to second guess your motivation during the job search process, and bring that through in your cover letter to convey it to your future employers with confidence.

Training #2

The Secret to discovering what hiring managers are looking for

Here’s what you don’t know, but what you must learn as soon as possible if you want to stand out: If you want to get a job, you’re going to need to understand whether you seem like a good fit or not. And there are 3 specific techniques that help you discover the fit for the role… 3 tips are so powerful, they will change the way you look at job descriptions forever.

MY UNIQUE APPROACH TO POSITIONING YOUR SKILLS including the technique of the transferable skills used to switch careers        




THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT AUTOMATED REJECTION EMAILS and how to escape the resume black hole

life tree (11).png

Training #3

The Easiest way to get noticed by the hiring manager

life tree (12).png

If you’ve ever applied for a job, you know that there are two very different types of applications. The first type is the boring one, where you just write your name, address, and experience and send it in. But the second type is the interesting one – where you try to make your application stand out from the crowd. And there’s a simple way to get be more interesting, and it doesn’t involve a single “I” or “me.”


In fact, it speaks to them, tells them exactly what you will do to solve their problem when they hire you. And in this training, we cover the ART OF COMPELLING STORYTELLING and how you can use it to craft a Compelling CV.


You get to the interview, and you have an amazing conversation with the hiring manager about how your background and experience are so perfect for this job. Then, the hiring manager asks you a question that can make or break your job search.

Training #4 

Crafting a Compelling CV that ACTUALLY Converts

In short – if you’re looking for something more than the boring, self-congratulatory CV template you’ve been using for years, you’ll want to think about this.


By this point, you’d have gathered that there’s more to writing a compelling CV than it appears. If I said it’s just about content, most resumes should have probably been converting pretty well in themselves. But what is hidden to the eye are a couple of key ingredients:

Simple to follow resume tear-downs with my past clients and the psychology behind it


Compelling CV Checklist and EXACT tactics to use in your CV to "control" what the reader sees



Resume templates

life tree (13).png

BONUS Training #5

Optimising your LinkedIn profile for success 

You don’t need me to tell you that the modern-day job search is incomplete without optimizing your LinkedIn profile for success. 


Your LinkedIn profile is like a first date. First impressions are everything. Crack open a beet, throw your best photo in the “first impression” section, and boom—your job search will be smooth sailing from here on out. But what do I need to do to stand out?


That’s Why I’ve included an Entire Step-by-step Walkthrough of MY LinkedIn Profile Process - Walk away knowing exactly what to optimize!

life tree (14).png

Why I am not charging as much as I should for this program


I’ve helped hundreds of professionals with their CVs to land dream jobs, double their salaries and now it’s your turn!


My private coaching clients invest upwards of £2,000 to work with me in an intimate setting. My courses and group coaching programs are over £500+. I typically don’t offer anything this inexpensive and chances are that I never will again.


But over the past few years of being on both sides of the hiring equation, I’ve seen too many terrible candidates come through to an interview because of their well-curated CV and great people overlooked, also because of their CV. AND LinkedIn.


And what most people don’t realize is that till they have this figured out, they are not really positioning themselves for successful careers, or doing the best work they were meant to do. Because even with the best connections in the industry, you will still need to hand them a resume. 


This problem doesn’t go away just by wishing it away or even hiring a best-in-class, £500 resume writer. And not everyone gets to spend over £200k on an Ivy League MBA to learn this stuff… This is why I wanted to get it in the hands of as many people as I possibly could… And because you are reading this during the big relaunch… £247 value usually but £97 for you until this Saturday, 4:59 PM GMT.


So, tell me… ARE YOU IN?




Rapid Resume Revamp



… or your Money Back!


  • Spend a weekend LIVE with me and revamp your resume from boring to BRILLIANT

  • Instant access to my 3-step self-paced course that literally takes you to step by step to create your perfect resume and LinkedIn profile

  • An e-book that takes you through my best insights on writing a CV that is an interview magnet. I deliberately kept it easy to flick through and great for commutes...

  • Actual stellar CVs from my students. Including actual anonymous resumes that secured great jobs. These are exclusively available to me because they are directly from my successful students.

  • Example comparisons of vanilla and full-fat narratives. I don't want to just dump theory on you. I walk-through examples and the psychology of why all the way through.

Add a heading (8).png





Rapid Resume Revamp

So, Let’s Recap


When you join Rapid Resume Revamp today you get instant access to 3 exclusive training modules- videos, exercises, and coaching calls that transform you from the Everyday Boring job-seeker to Compelling Candidate that hiring managers want to work with (investment £47).


       3 CORE Pre-recorded Training Modules on How to Turn Your CV from        Boring to Brilliant using the simple 3-step RRR formula - value £297

       2 LIVE training calls with me to walk you through the formula LIVE, opportunity to get feedback on your CV, and answer any questions so that you can get your Compelling CV ready over a weekend - value £777

       Resume Teardowns with my past clients - value £197

       Worksheets and Resume templates that you can use right away - value £97


       My simple pain-free Cover Letter formula - value £47

       Compelling CV-checklist - value £47

        BONUS 1: Craft a compelling LinkedIn profile to attach headhunters on repeat - value £347

        BONUS 2: 3 Timeless Job Search Hacks workshop - value £97

        BONUS 3: The art and science of compelling story-telling - value £247



(£2,153 to be exact)




Rapid Resume Revamp

If you are like most, you have probably realized that your resume is a vital piece of marketing material we use to tell our story, set ourselves apart from the competition, and land ourselves an interview!


But a document that is supposed to be at the center of your professional and most memorable assets can, if not used properly, also be responsible for ruining your career prospects.


Isn’t it ironic that the document that is supposed to highlight your most significant achievements and failures can also be the cause of your frustration and career downfall?


Your resume is not in the hiring manager’s face but going to actually help the hiring manager make an informed decision.


Think about it… every great change or transformation, whether that be to hire a new colleague or invest in your personal transformation, begins with a DECISION.


And that’s what you need to do as well: CHOOSE.


If you are already getting recruiters flocking around for your CV and you are being headhunted for your dream roles, you don’t need this training… you want to celebrate what is already happening in your life!


But if you are not getting interviews or are wondering if you could increase your chances of getting an interview call, then your options are simple:


If you want to go nowhere, do nothing. If you want to be stuck in the same place with no momentum going forward, then don’t do anything.


Or you can become an ACTIVE FORCE in the matter by doing something about it. 


You can stand still and allow the problem to become even worse, and hope that one day it will go away… IT WON’T!


OR YOU CAN GET 100% COMMITTED and get started immediately!


If you choose the latter, then now is your time to get signed up and get started!


Otherwise, you can just click right off this page!


But CHOOSE Quickly!

We’re offering a limited time only £250 discount to all our readers: Why? 


Because I want to give you the best value possible during this crisis of layoffs and inflation together. A £250 discount means you’ll never get your hands on this valuable the information at such a low price.


The second you spend wasting time on indecision is the second it takes for your competition to get ahead of you.


The longer you dilly-dally, the more likely you are to miss out on something great. The time has come to take action, so what are you waiting for? You could start today and be well on your way to a better tomorrow!


Join Now and create your highest converting CV ever!






Rapid Resume Revamp

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