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Your one way ticket to the
DREAM JOB, without
going through

In six weeks you will walk away with a SYSTEM to actually find and land your DREAM JOB, even if you don't know what it is!

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To the burned out employee, tired of being rejected, but confident to power through the corporate job search

With results like this:

"Changed my career and landed my dream job"

"Secured 6 jobs in and around London"

"I don’t have to look for a job again!"

Of course, our students are RAVING about this stuff!

Ready to take the next step in your career but cracking interviews is an uphill battle?


Or are you confused about which of your strengths you need to harness for your next step?


If you are anything like Sudeshna from 2016, you are probably thinking...

"I am not ready for this yet!"

"I don't have enough relevant experience."

And when you see that you are getting the dream job, you are reinforcing that belief, "See, I knew it. I am not ready it!"


And then you break into a sweat, "What if this is as good as it gets?"

"What if I lose my job and never find one again?"

These were the thoughts in my head on repeat, even after having worked for and consulted the biggest firms out there!

And if you are anything like me, you perhaps relate- anxious, burned-out, constantly in a time crunch, massively overthinking your career decisions because you’re afraid that your career or salary will tank?

May be you even have gotten some interview calls but can't seem to crack the ones that you actually want?


Sounds familiar?

I know, because I’ve been there.

Hey friend, I'm Sudeshna.


I am a job search specialist and a corporate strategist... not a coach who is not living your pain!

I am an former-strategy consultant from Deloitte and Strategy&, PwC. I am also a senior strategy and data science leader.

T. 123-456-7890

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But, it took me a proper career crisis to help me find my way back.

The thing is, when you keep applying to jobs, and people tell you that it's a numbers game, they do you a huge disservice. They perhaps mean well, but still a disservice.

Here's the thing- most people play the numbers game, but as a data scientist my job is to look at numbers and identify patterns. And I can tell you this with certainty:

But I get it, it's not your fault that this lie keeps getting told over and over again, so much so that it start sounding like truth!

And if you are like most, you play the numbers game... and 3 rounds of interviews later, you figure out that you are not the right fit for the job....

Worse even, you get the job, but they try to low ball you on salary and benefits.

And worse even... you freeze and you stop applying.

And now, my friend, you are STUCK!

The solution?

Glad you asked! STOP playing the numbers game and start focussing on what works in every single scenario:

  • Connection

  • Story

  • Keywords

  • Business

  • Confidence


I have been offered multiple 6-figure jobs in the UK, where 6-figure jobs are not the norm.


I have helped hundreds of people with their careers formally and informally. 


 And this is exactly what sets them apart- these 5 things weaved together in every step of the job search process.





Business needs


focus on these

5 things

Think about it!


It definitely isn't something tangible like schools or the university that you attended, right? Not everyone you started out with, in primary school is in the same place as you. Not everyone you went to college with is doing equally well. Not everyone who went to Wharton is the CEO at Google.

Why do some people skyrocket past their competition? Is it just a random throw of dice?

Or is there something more sinister going on?

There is literally nothing sinister about landing dream jobs. All you need is a combination of:

The 5-factor job search system
Your personal board of directors
High quality coaching
Now, if you are like most, you are asking... but Sudeshna, how do I get all of these?

Almost no one is talking about the 5-factor job search system that helps you confidently apply to roles, and also confidently say no to roles that are a misfit... without the guilt and the FOMO!

But if you don't hit these 5 things in your job search, chances are that you will be your industry's best kept secret... working hard with little to show for.

Okay, but surely you can have some control over your personal board of directors? Isn't that what friends and family is for?

Most of your peers believe that friends and family can be their personal board of directors... without realising that your board of directors need to be objective and honest.

And you don't need me to tell you that that's something friends and family can never be... even when they have the best intentions!

And if you are even remotely familiar with the coaching world, you know that good coaches are hard to come by, and when they do, they are expensive to say the least!

Ha! You are in luck, because for the first time ever, all of this is available packaged up for you in one place... the system... the community... the coaching...




The only coaching programme and career change system you will need to go from no idea getting yourself leadership ready…  for a job that is ALIGNED with you!


6 modules to help you find alignment and a system that actually lands a job and positions you as a leader in the industry (with lifetime access to the material) 

10 weeks of LIVE Q&A sessions (lifetime access to future sessions in future versions of the course)

1 CV OR LinkedIn Review by Sudeshna 

Access to a community of high achievers

Personalised support within the group

Worksheets and templates to get you job search ready

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Define your long-term vision. And define what long-term means to you. Align to your values and ambition.

1. Tune into your skills and strengths.

2. Align with your value and systems  and uncover your life's purpose

3. Understand your finances

4. Align with your life season - Career development vs progression

5. Design your Career Blueprint


What jobs are out there that you can apply to with your skills and strengths? What do you need to achieve in the short run to get to your long-term goal? 

1. What industry suits you?

2. What business function suits you?

3. Are you an expert or a leader?

4. Financials - is it worth the move?

5. Skill combinations and positioning yourself as an expert


Let's define your dream companies and why you want to work there

1. Keywords

2. Narrating your story

3. Pitching it right

4. Become a Recruiter magnet

5. The art of behavioural interviews

6. The ultimate interview hack

7. Identifying your dream companies/roles

8. Networking and how to talk to anyone


Preparing for the long game by:

1. Getting micro-famous so that the right people know you

2. Building your PR machine

3. Identifying time multipliers

4. Hiring the right team - at work and in life


Revise and reposition for further growth:

1. What's working well?

2. Identifying areas of improvement

3. Making your money work harder

4. Increasing income potential per hour

5. Hacking and building your body and nervous system for future success


Just dream - Dreamers and achievers are different species. What sets the successful apart is that they dream and then act. Are you a dreamer or an achiever?

Prefer chickening out - Self-doubt is the easy way out. But success requires stepping out of your comfort zone. Will you stretch your limits or chicken out?

Are not really prioritising your career- No one has time, it's all about priorities. But where you put your time, energy, and money, that naturally grows. And I get it, sometimes you need to take the pedal off the career gas. But then, why are you on this page?

Work late and weekdays don't work for you - Well, I was you. I still am! So this course will run exclusively on weekends. With replays and lifetime access to them.