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6 AMAZING Ways To Make Money With ChatGPT (MUST READ)

Here are six ways to make money as a content creator using ChatGPT.

I'm an economist and I have worked within the financial services industry for over 10 years, especially within artificial intelligence technologies, and I could not be more excited to share with you about how you can use ChatGPT to make more money.

What on earth is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is this AI conversational chat bot that was brought to the market by a company called OpenAI. OpenAI is backed by big backers like Elon Musk in its initial days, and now Microsoft

ChatGPT took the internet by a storm because it was doing a lot of the creative tasks that we thought were only possible for us humans. I have been messing around with ChatGPT for the last two months.

So I thought, why not share with you six ways that I thought was possible to make more money with


So I have used all of these ways either to earn money or I have paid someone else to do these jobs for me in the past, and I believe that you can actually use ChatGPT as your tech leverage to increase your productivity and therefore increase the number of dollars you earn per hour. So without further ado, let's get started.

The first one is content creation.

I used to be a content writer to earn extra income. I have also hired content writers in the past on sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

What you could do is you could go to ChatGPT and ask the bot to create a blog post for you, and it'll do that within the specified number of words, within the specific niche. And then you can curate that content, make it better, error, check it and give it back to the buyer.

So this is an incredibly useful way of generating and scaling content. So I am absolutely loving ChatGPT for what it offers. It's also creating YouTube Scripts podcast. Scripts. So if you find a buyer who is interested in getting YouTube and podcast scripts from you, you can go and sell your services.

Use ChatGPT as your tech leverage.

The second one is to self-publish a book.

Self-publishing has become incredibly easy in the day of Amazon, but what you could use ChatGPT to do is generate the content. So all you have to do is understand what sort of target audience you have in mind.

Say for example, you have in mind a target audience of children from three to five years of age, and you want to write a picture story book for them. So you can go to ChatGPT, generate some story ideas, then ask the bot to expand on the plot, and then you can ask ChatGPT again to generate the content of the story, and then you can literally go ahead and publish that book. You can get some images from another AI software as well. I found actually an incredibly useful video on this that you might enjoy.

The third one is to create guided meditations.

I actually asked ChatGPT to write a meditation script for me for under a minute, and I asked it to suggest some free stock music, and it did that phenomenally well.

So now what I could do is I could record all of that, put some music in and sell it on Etsy or any other channel. So I have definitely paid for guided meditations before. So that's a very tangible business idea for you.

Number four is translation services.

Now, all of us, unfortunately, don't speak the same language, and many creators actually get excluded because they don't speak a certain language.

What you could do, especially if you are a non-native English speaker, is use ChatGPT to translate your existing blog or YouTube script or podcast script into English and publish it as blog. Now, if you wanted to take this one step further, you could use an AI software, something like Descript that I use personally for video editing. They have a feature called Overdub with which you can actually dub the content into English, and you have already made video now that you can go and publish on your YouTube and then make money off the back of ad revenues.

Speaking of ads, the fifth one is to actually create ads.

Now there are other software like that actually write marketing copy for you.

But you could also use ChatGPT to do this for you for free. And if you wanted to take this one step further, you could approach other businesses and sell your copywriting services, and you could become a one person marketing agency.

The next one is creating newsletters.

Now, every creator I know wants to have an email newsletter, but what they really struggle with is keeping up with the content demands of a newsletter every week.

What you could do is use ChatGPT again to generate some content for a weekly or a biweekly email newsletter, and offer your services to about three to five creators and send out content to their email list

and you can charge some money from the creator for your services without you actually having to write the emails.

So those were my six tips. Did you find a favorite? Drop a comment below and I'll see you the next time. Bye.

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