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If you are here, chances are that you are looking for more happiness and success in your career and life.

As was I for most of my life. I was chasing money, status, and a gazillion things, unclear really about what would make me wealthy and happy. Till I had a breakdown in 2016.

My high-flying management consulting job brought out the worst insecure overachiever in me. I was almost 30 but didn't have a 6-figure job. Or a savings/investment portfolio worth anything!

In spite of a Masters in Economics with a Finance specialization from the country's top institute.

In spite of consulting the top banks of the world on how to run thier businesses.


You see, even though I learned about the finances of the economy and of the businesses I was consulting, I didn't know how to manage my own money or own my own goals.

Fast forward to now, I have a 6-figure income, a dream job, multiple income streams, and a well-diversified investment portfolio with which I could be financially free in a matter of years.

I have been quoted on Yahoo Finance and other top publications, and appeared on a number of podcasts, discussing money and careers.

Everything changed the day I realized that the biggest value adds in my life would come from being the master of my own destiny, the CEO of my own career, and the CFO of my tiny family entity.

And the only effective way of being that person was to operate from abundance. I don't have only one way to earn money or status, I have an abundance of opportunities that bring me money (and I don't care too much about status).

That is when I started The Abundance Psyche.

Hi, I am Sudeshna. I am an Economist and a senior corporate leader, having worked for some of the biggest Consulting houses in the world. I am also a mum and a Yogi.

I also happen to have a variety of interests, including Money, Finance, Business, Technology, Behavioural Sciences, Neuroscience, and Endocrinology. And I use a combination of these methods with my students.


EARN MORE to save more.

Obsessing about savings is pointless. There is a limit to how much you can save but no limit to how much you can earn.

STOP trying to save for your grandchildren and beyond. You can't control the future of world politics. Or their lives.

STOP trying to handle money trying to look like an intellectual snob and intraday trading. Growing money is meant to be boring.

Start owning your money story. What would you do with an additional $1000?


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