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If you are like most visiting this page, chances are that you want to be happy, wealthy, and wildly successful but that job, that boss, that niggle of doubt is keeping you from it. You see your friends successfully negotiating promotions, raises, and new jobs... you see your friends from uni who have suddenly become fit and happy.
Or you suddenly find that classmate has become a speaker, a CEO, or even a YouTuber! They are quoted in the media. They make 6-figure incomes. They carry luxury handbags, go on holiday twice a year, and buy bigger houses, in wealthier neighbourhoods. Wide-eyed you ask yourself - how the frock did that happen? And then you go back to your day-to-day life... moaning every now and then, as you scroll through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram... BUT... WAIT...

Not today!

Today is different! Why? Because today you happened to bump into me, and this day forward, if you humour me, mark my words, your life is going to change!

Blah! Another crazy girl on the internet claiming to change my life!

No, really... I am weird, but only good weird you see. I am geeky as hell and have this uncontrollable desire to help whomever I meet. And today, that happens to be you... and thou shalt not be let down if you say you need help.

Hi, I am Sudeshna, and unlike most career and money influencers, I have a real-life corporate career with a senior leadership role, a toddler, and this project that I call The Abundance Psyche. I also happen to have are a variety of interests, the top three being:

Data and optimization - I am a data-backed optimization nerd, especially when it comes to applying that to people and their own lives.      

Behavioral Economics, psychology and how it affects our jobs and finances - of course, the fact that being a trained Economist helps!

Endocrinology and spirituality - science-backed ways of how we can be happy, living our seemingly normal lives, by controlling our response to the world around us. 

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