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What's your money style?

Take my money style quiz to discover your money style, and what you need to achieve the next level lifestyle.

Are you actually positioned for steady career growth?
I help high-achieving corporate professionals find clarity about their dream careers so that they earn more money, make more impact, and get more sleep.

Using behavioral science and data-driven models!
Yes, really! I have packed all my experience of making my career change from strategy consulting using a data-driven toolkit.

Looking for some clarity to navigate the next step into your career? 



Get your hands on this LIVE $97 value workshop for free

Fumbling around, hunting through thousands of job search results to find the latest vacancies. How do you stand out from the crowd in such a crowded industry? 

Like red-hot poker, the thought of applying – again! – freezes your very thoughts!

I get it- job searching is hard work!

After having worked with hundreds of job seekers, time after time, we see it again and again – the harder job seekers work, the less successful they are. 

As a candidate, you need to search in the right places - or Google is going to play blind man's bluff with your time.

That’s why I am holding a FREE workshop on how to hack your job search.

Listen to the podcast where we, corporate entrepreneurs, talk about business, life stories, neuroscience, and spirituality.

This is The Abundance Psyche where we talk about taking not-so-corporate actions to become an entrepreneur both within and outside the corporate setting. We are a community of Corporate Entrepreneurs who talk about business, life stories, neuroscience, and spirituality. You can find us on or @theabundancepsyche on Instagram

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My step-by-step career change blueprint

If you're tired of searching for tips and tricks, if you are done downloading the newest productivity apps and following influencers talking about morning routines, this is what you need- the step-by-step Career Change Blueprint that I used with my clients to land their dream careers.

My 40 pages killer content on how to find your ideal consulting exit.

After having spoken to hundreds of consultants, AND being one myself, I KNOW that the lack of clarity and insight is the number one reason why consultants stay stuck in their careers. Or worse even, settle for something lesser than they are meant to be.

When I quit consulting, I did months of research around paths, salaries, trajectories... and in this guide, I've put together everything I know about pivoting out of consulting. Today, this is my gift to you - because I have a dream. And my dream is that us consultants stop being insecure and start living our best life. Give me your email and I'll send the guide directly to your inbox. 

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"I expected to have a new and shiny CV, but I ultimately got a new mindset and purpose which helped me land my dream job in tech with 50% salary increase."

The process helped me reset and understand what I wanted to do and why. I had a mindset revamp and that reflected in how I approached finding work.

Alex Maria


“Right out of university I landed an off-campus job at Deloitte. 20% higher paid than my offer on campus!”


I never thought I would have multiple prestigious jobs offers right out of college without any network. But I had over 3 and ended up joining Deloitte which changed the trajectory of my career.


​“I got a lot of interviews and secured 6 jobs in London after 9 years of being out of the market.”

It was a first step towards editing my CV after 9 years and very helpful to understand the current market.

Ajay C.


Selected list of companies where my clients work

  • Accenture

  • PwC

  • Deloitte

  • L.E.K.

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Apple

  • Inmobi

  • Sainsbury's

  • Aviva

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