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7 Things I Avoid Buying

  I save over 53% of my income,  and here are seven things that I don't buy.

 Please note that these are seven things that I don't find useful in my life, but if you choose to spend your money on those, no judgment whatsoever.

 Everyone's life is different. Everyone's preferences are different, is what I have learned as a student of economics. And without further ado, let's get started.

The first thing is packaged water bottles.

 I carry my water bottle wherever I go. And that means that I simply don't have the need to buy packaged water.  I find packaged water not only extremely expensive, but also really bad for the planet,

 which is why I make a conscious decision to reduce my carbon footprint through buying lesser packaged water bottles.

Number two is next day delivery services.

 I'm that person who does not pay for next day delivery or does not have Amazon Prime. Can you believe it?

 Typically, I don't think I need anything that I can't find at my local grocers, within the next 24 hours and having a discipline of not buying impulsively has let me actually become a more aware consumer, and this is exactly why I don't subscribe to next day delivery services.

Number three is jewelry.

 This is almost outrageous to say, but I don't enjoy jewelry as much as many other people do. I just wear a couple of rings and my earrings, and that's all that I wear for most of my days. I don't find the need for jewelry and why buy something and clutter up my house.

Number four is designer bags.

 Now, this is an interesting one because I got into designer bags quite a bit back in the day,  but what I realized was it was not making me happy.

 I had borrowed that desire from my peer group who were all into buying designer handbags, and I started buying designer handbags, but then I realized that they were not making me happy.

 So now I avoid buying any designer handbags.

Number five is anything to do with fast fashion.

 I have gone through that phase of buying things for just one where, but as I have grown up, I have realized that actually decision fatigue is a thing. I don't want to open my wardrobe and find hundreds of things, but nothing to wear.

 So these days I invest in quality pieces than focusing on quantity. So I will typically buy pieces that last me over five to 10 years, if not longer.

Number six is high maintenance, beauty products and services.

 Now obviously I buy some cosmetics and makeup. I also enjoy my spa days, but I'm talking about the high maintenance stuff, which,  you have to keep on getting done because you fall into the habit of it.

 And, number seven is things that I don't understand,

 and this is across the board. If I don't understand. What are the ingredients in the food that make the food edible or the drink drinkable. I don't buy that. Same with investments. I have people hounding me to invest in art, in wine, in whiskey, in crypto,  a lot of unregulated financial products.

 So typically, I don't put my money into anything that I don't understand, including food, health and investments.

 If you are curious to check out my other frugal habits, I will link a video here and I'll see you the next time. Bye.

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