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Hi everyone, this is Sudeshna from the abundant psyche, and you are listening to the not so corporate podcast here, we talk about all the not so corporate actions that we corporate entrepreneurs need to take in our corporate lives and outside of it. So obviously, today's episode is a very special one, because we are on Christmas Eve. And I wanted to before doing anything else, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Now, I briefly wanted to touch upon why celebration is so important in life in our careers, every single day. This is because celebrating something, whether that be a promotion at work, whether that be celebrating Christmas, where families come together, celebrating is actually incredibly powerful. When we celebrate our promotion at work, it gives us more of that motivation and energy to put in to get the same reward, again. Celebrating family gives us the motivation and the energy to be with our families through the years so that we have the family next year and the years to come. When we celebrate friendship. It's about maintaining relationships, and friendship. So celebrating is actually incredibly powerful. It activates the reward systems in our brain, which basically fuels the dopamine, which basically is the feel-good hormone. And dopamine as a neurotransmitter is obviously very addictive, which is why you see when you get that like or that comment on your social media, you feel a certain sense of joy and pleasure, which is why we all are somewhat addicted to social media. So what we want to be doing with celebrating something like Christmas or celebrating something like a promotion is that we want to activate that reward system in our brain so that we get more of that we tend to do more of these things that have gotten us to this place in life. And we basically have a more fulfilling a more whole life. So that is the spirit of Christmas. Christmas, to me, at least isn't about religion. It is about gratitude. And Christmas is about community. So thank you, to all of you have a blessed Christmas. And if you haven't subscribed to like this post yet or shared out my channel with your friends and family, please do so I really appreciate you so much. So give me some of that dopamine and have a great Christmas. Thank you. See you the next time


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