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Career diaries - a 10 week series into lives of top performers

Over the years, I have studied people I want to be like closely- at times so closely that I knew them better than they knew themselves. And of course the only people I ever wanted to model my life after were people I admired from various walks of life - top performers in what they do.

I have been lucky to have tons of support, good mentors, and people who were genuinely interested in my career and offered up help. However, when I talk to people who come to me for advice, I find that most of them think they're alone in facing their challenges. They don't know what top performers are doing to get these disproportionate results. So, I thought I'll give you a sneak peek into their lives over the next 10 weeks....

Over the next 10 weeks, if you are willing to offer up 10 minutes of your day to help others, and share your week with others, I would love to feature your story on my blog. If you prefer being anonymous, I will respect that and take your name out. Write back to me and let me know if you are up for it. Bonus for you, it will help you document your days better and force you to think hard about where and how you spend time and energy every week!

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