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Career diaries from a Digital Marketing Manager - week 2


I generally work from my home office. I cook breakfast and change into my work clothes, have breakfast and get to my office. I have created this routine for myself so that I work between 8 am - 12:30 pm and then again from 2-5 pm.

Today I got up and went for a run at 6 am. I am meeting friends for dinner, so wanted to get in the workout in the morning.

I work as a Freelancer, so generally start my morning with calls to the Agency I work for. Today we started at 8:30 to plan out the projects for the week. A new client pitch is going out next week which we need to prep for. Other than that, created content and scheduled it for the next 2 days for one of my retail clients. I have to do the rest of the content for the week for this client and that's where I left my flow of work for the day- I intentionally do this every day so that I don't start on a blank page the next day!


Another usual day- started with calls with the team and finished content creation for the week for the retail client. Started working on the pitch for a fashion house. I may have to travel for this pitch because I find face to face interaction with clients invaluable.

I have to work with my data analytics manager tomorrow to understand the best channels for traffic and growth for an internal project. Generally I recommend clients to review their analytics dashboards at least bi-monthly so that they know what's going on with the spends.


Officially over the hump - not that it matters since I enjoy my job a lot! However am looking forward to the weekend since we are going away for a trip for a couple of days with family. Which means the Design course that I have been doing over the weekends has to be crammed up this evening.

The pitch deck is almost done and pending the MD's review on Friday. Need to finish the content stream plan and create some content for the other Restaurenter client. Tomorrow I also need to plan the content for the Retailer's next week's content.


Finished the content plan yesterday. Need to finish the content that will get scheduled for the weekend. I need to call it an early day today since have a Marketeers Networking Drinks this evening. I try to go to one of these a month to keep in touch with fellow marketeers - networking can become cumbersome when you are always working from home. I also need to discuss a module of my course with another guy who is taking the course and also coming for drinks.


Done for the week - content scheduled, plan done for next week, and I even have a steer on what to create for the next week. Awaiting MD's feedback on the pitch - it's at times frustrating to have to take a sign-off on everything - I know what am doing! I need to gain the MD's trust a bit more - but then I've only started with this firm a month back!

Any how, my course for the week needs to be done by this evening as well, and then pack, set, go!


I have been only rarely opening an article here and there today from the Digital Marketing gurus- otherwise lovely relaxed day on the beach! It's weekend and sunny - I am NOT complaining!

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