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Career diaries from a PE analyst - week 8


I am at work by 8:30 am. I don't anticipate too busy a week ahead since am not working on any live deals. My company deals in information and media and we're looking at a number of companies that would fit one of our portfolio companies. Most of my day is spent in researching new companies and sitting down with my manager once to discuss updates from his meeting with the MD of the portfolio company.

I generally nip off to the gym pre-lunch so that I don't have to spend another extra hour post work. Post-work drinks and lead generation meetings are quite common in the industry, so I have to be flexible to those demands.


From yesterday's research, I've set up a couple of meetings this week with potential companies we could buy. Research and meetings are most of my job though - it's about creating a strong "top of the funnel" so that ultimately one or two materialise! I am meeting another portfolio company's MD to get a brief on the sort of businesses they have lately been into to be able to assess potential matches to her portfolio as well. Though we are extremely active in the M&A space, we are primarily becoming a buy and retain more than selling companies these days. Last year was a lot of selling, but now we are targetting to buy and hold for a while since the current investors seem to be comfortable with that as a strategy.


I met one of the target companies before getting into work and seems like there's some more research to be done about them- that's good because I don't have an outright no-brainer answer. I will spend most of the day digging a bit deeper into both the business and financials of the business. And potentially set up a couple of further meetings with people across geographies so that I can feel up the lead a bit more.


Most of my day is again spent in research, this time more particular research into the company that we're having dinner with this evening. I also spend some time sorting my flights and travel for next week. Am flying to China to follow up on a company we have been investigating. So while am there, I will look at meeting another few leads for our other portfolio companies as well.


Working shorter hours today and meeting a few of my IB friends later for a drink. The PE hours seem like a dream compared to IB hours though the work is slightly different. Personally I find that the PE I work for is more strategically led than most of the work I compare it to during my IB days, though it's probably not as strategic as the corporate strategy guys have it. At the end of the day, am still in the business of making money for my investors, however, things have slightly changed up since the M&A team started reporting into the Corporate Strategy Director than have it's own director.


It's the long weekend and am going camping with some friends. No work and all play this weekend!

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