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Career diaries from a start-up CEO - week 10

Monday: 5:30 am: I have my morning coffee and catch-up with emails from last night. I spend some time on Instagram, that being my primary marketing channel. I will spend a few hours this morning creating content for the week for marketing and then head to the gym before lunch.

1 PM: Got lunch. I asked one of the guys am interviewing for a role to join me for a session at the gym. It's amazing how much you can tell about a person from spending non-work times with them! ;)

10 PM: My life is actually quite boring - I had dinner while listening to a personal development podcast and now doing my weekly finances, something I should be doing on Fridays but I keep putting off and end up doing on Mondays because I've an arrangement with the accountant to submit claims every Tuesday. My accountant's diary keeps me accountable!! 


5: 30 AM: I probably am the worst nightmare of self-help gurus who promote no social networking as soon as you get up! I wake up to instagram everyday!! But I guess for me it's work and not play - I am on social media to sell, not waste time. Anyway, I've a busy morning of meetings today. Meeting some potential clients through the day for both lunch and dinner.

11 PM: Exhausted! Start-ups are hard but a win sometimes helps you to keep going! After 2 months of struggle, I've succeeded selling my product to a small business. The paperwork still needs sorting, so fingers crossed! I might have to be doing 3 time zones next week... looking forward to it... not!


5:30 AM: Damn! The legal bit is tough, the admin bit is tough! But anything that gets me closer to a sale is worth it! In other news, my social channels have been doing poorly. Really need this new hire to come in an crack the marketing. Am so rubbish at Social!

11 AM: Need to get to the gym. And take the dog out for a walk today... Thinking will get the lunch done around the same time since the day looks sunny and promising. My whole evening is filled with calls from different time zones. Won't get to bed before 2 am.


9:30 AM: Urrghh, almost pulled an all nighter. The product dev team kept me on my toes the whole week and even now what they've designed is far from perfect. It is so important for technicians to understand business... and yet we have so few of them!

6 PM: I literally have lived on breakfast the whole day today, the only good news being that the lawyers are having a look at the legal and admin bits of the client contract I had set up on Tuesday. Fingers crossed it's a smooth sailing. I need to go out and blow off some steam this evening. Will go grab a drink and catch up with some much needed life!


10 AM: Finished my book to read this week and got some buffer time to think about business strategy. Think am spending a lot of time doing things am not great at and hence being unproductive. I mapped out the success path of how I sold the contract this week and all the ones that failed. It's giving me some clues.

4 PM: The marketing guy called and says might be able to join me earlier. That's a positive piece of news to end the week on (if there's such a thing in entrepreneurship)! I'm planning to do some meal prep and watch telly in the night. Will plan out the next week tomorrow. I have been wondering if I should spend on a PA... it's difficult to optimise costs and understand what bits will give you the most ROI. I am always hard-pressed for time and an experienced PA might just be a god-sent... we shall see!

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