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Coronavirus (Covid 19) - what I've been reading

I have to admit that I didn't fully appreciate the gravity of the situation. Even last week, from what I wrote, you'd know that I was dismissive about the whole epidemic situation. Why? Because how we think gets affected by the people around us. If people around us panic, we panic. If they're relaxed, we're relaxed. This in fact is the psychology of mirroring - my adrenaline responds to yours.

However, over the weekend I tried to get educated and here are a few things I read / watched, which I believe you'll find interesting too:

If you don't have time to read, here's my takeaway - social distancing is key, now more than ever! But I'd take it a step further and say social distancing is only meant to be physical, and not emotional. So don't forget the old and elderly who might be stuck in isolation. Check in on them - Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp calls... whatever it takes. Check that they have enough to get by and see if you can order a grocery delivery to their place.

Pick up a hobby, read a book, learn a new skill, spend time with family - we are in it together, and we shall live to tell the tales.

On that note a couple of things -

  • My advice of personal finance still remains valid, but if you've any questions about anything else, career or life related, drop me a message and I'll try to answer.

  • I am going to do a Facebook live soon. I'm thinking of calling it Love in the time of Covid 19. I'm still trying to iron out the details, so if you've any suggestions, am all ears. I'd love for you to join me. I've never done one before, so kind of excited.

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