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How does your life affect your career?

In the Not-so-Corporate podcast, we talk about all of the not-so-corporate things in life that affect our corporate careers. So I thought I would talk to you about is what is happening in your life right now.

You know, we can want any amount of money, we can want any amount of success, or agility towards achieving our vision. But if our life doesn't support it, guess what?

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We can't get there! We just have to be cognizant of what is happening in our lives right now.

Just to give you an example, one of my friends, she used to be a McKinsey consultant. And she always wanted to start a business. But she was really aware that she wanted to have a family and financial nest egg before she wanted to venture out into that entrepreneurial journey. And that's brilliant because she was aware that she wanted to mark the pit stops- of consulting, doing a corporate job, getting married, having a family and then venturing out further into her entrepreneurial journey.

Now, you don't really have to do it like that. But what you need to understand is - will your life support all of the career decisions that you are making?

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Do you want your career to be supporting your life? Or do you want your life to be supporting your career? There is a big difference, if your career is your life, and it very well, maybe. And that's excellent if that's what you want, but you need to make that decision consciously. And then your choices will be reflected upon that automatically.

Whereas if you think your life is slightly more important than your career, you have to make career choices that support your life as well, and life choices that support your career as well. So one of the things that I tend to talk a lot about beyond the LinkedIn and the CV reviews, in my courses on career and money.

And if you are a part of the Corporate Career Change programme, you probably already have access to that tiny little excellent course. We can talk about CV and LinkedIn and whatnot. But ultimately, if your life doesn't support your career, and your career is not supporting your life, you have a massive misalignment.

So what I want you to do is to figure out what is it that is happening in your life? Does that help you in achieving your long term vision? Does that help you in impacting society or the world or people you want to influence in the way you want to? Or is that in misalignment?

And if you find a misalignment somewhere, you have to be the person to correct it. You have to say, I do this, and then this and then the other thing. You have to manage your time and prioritize. You have to bring in a holistic view into why is it important to do what right now. And what is important to do next.

That is how you get to this career path and life path that you want to have. Will it always go to plan?

Of course, it won't. But planning is essential. Because without planning, you are just a lost person looking for answers. But if you have a plan, if you have a goal, even if it just means your next goal, even if it's just six months away, or a year away, that is very, very tangible, as opposed to saying, "I want to be a millionaire, when I'm 80" but you have no plan of getting there.

You need to have a plan. You need to have milestones that get you to your final destination, but also you need to understand what the other components that will affect this plan are.

What if my family becomes quite demanding and I need to spend more time with them? When is that I can do my entrepreneurial venture?

And you might say like I say most of the days that I outsource some of this work to this person and I'll be operating the machine behind. And that's what I do. Or you can say that I'll stay up one hour later in the night and not watching Netflix and therefore, get in there and do those extra couple of hours of work for my venture.

You have to own this yourself. And you have to know if your life is going to support your career, or your career is going to support your life.


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