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I feel like I'm below my parent's expectation...

I came across this heartbreaking post on Quora the other day:

As an Asian... Indian, I appreciate the enormous pressure Asian kids have to be the best at everything- it’s often just not sustainable to keep up with often two sets of conflicting expectations! But you know why Asians are getting ahead in the world today? Coz our parents just set us up to high standards! Ask an Asian kid what happens then they get a A- in Math and you'll know what I mean!! ;)

As a creative kid, I had to master Math - to the point that I could get 100% or I'd fail... and I mean 100% for an exam that was set for 2 grades higher than I was in. So basically before my secondary school I was solving first principle Calculus problems!! So as you can imagine, my dad was disappointed to say the least, when the daughter decided to study Economics - as if that's not a hard enough subject to master... there was tremendous conflict in me while I was growing up - who do I please? Me who wanted to write poetry or my parents who wanted me to earn enough money to fend for myself? Looking back I think the tussle did me good since now I don't have to think about money and can run a blog like this to let out my creative side. But what if you're much younger than me like the poster on Quora?

I'd say, for a second forget your parents. What do you want for yourself? Will it be enough to feed and clothe you over your lifetime (I talk about basics only because many people are happy with basics and I am a strong believer of the fact that money will never buy you happiness - but striving for what you want to be, will.)

Are you on track for what you want of yourself? So many of us just follow the voice in our heads (usually our parents’). No offense to them, they want the best for us but at times their definitions of "the best" depends on their life situations from a different generation which more often than not is not reflective of ours. As we grow up we have to develop our own voices to lead our lives and paths to become what the world needs from us… what we need to be for us. I’d suggest talk to your parents respectfully and tell them that their expectations are overburdening you and you’ve a plan for yourself which you’d like their support on. They love you so they’ll come by, trust me!

Have you like this Quora poster found an inner turmoil of not being able to keep up with their parents expectations? How did you deal with it?

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