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I have conflicting opinions about most things

For the longest time, I've been conflicted about whether to tell you more about me. Would you care? Would it be of any value to you? But then I thought, I keep preaching that you shouldn't take career advice from random weirdos on the internet - what makes me different because we most probably first met on the internet?

I decided to tell you a bit more about me, because hey, you have some right to know about this weirdo who bestows upon you all the career gyaan! Also, one of my readers pointed out the other day that he hardly knows me. So, I thought I'd share a bit about who I am and more importantly, who I am not!

  • This body-mind complex is called Sudeshna. I grew up in India and currently live in London with my husband, Ajit and 4 month old son.

  • I am NOT your typical coach, I have a real job. I worked in Consulting (Deloitte and then Strategy&, PwC) for 8 years (13 years if you include my first job as a freelance digital marketing consultant), and now head the strategy and data science team in a FTSE 250 listed firm.

  • I am a trained Economist and have conflicting opinions about most things. In fact other than networking, that's my super-power - questioning EVERYTHING.

  • I am optimisation nerd and therefore test and quantify the psychology behind "simple things" like what words to use on your resume and LinkedIn, to how I can land myself in the gym more regularly. And (un)fortunately I have the tools because this is what you get extremely good at when you do a M.Sc. in Economics!

  • I love the financial markets, food, and meditation. Financial markets because the answer to my question is always met with a question. Food because it makes me stop questioning for a bit. And meditation because it has the answers to all my questions.

  • I am crazier than meets the eye!

Now it's your turn, tell me about you!

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