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There's a reason why originals are more expensive

I have always been inspired by Van Gogh since I read his biography at 15. In case you don't know, he was an exceptionally talented Dutch painter who never really had any money or fame while he was alive. A couple of years back I visited the Met in NYC to see “The Starry Night” in real life. The Starry Night is valued at well over $100 million!!

It was beyond anything I had imagined looking at the pictures on the internet. It inspired me to paint a (BAD!!) copy, but hey, at least I tried!

Often when you pay with time and money to see an original work, you realise why you paid up. Money can buy you the ticket to Met but not the experience to witness the works of your childhood hero... but as they say, money is extremely useful. When’s the last time you spent money on something unforgettable that inspired you?

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