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Leadership is overrated

I've always been the super ambitious "alpha" sort... in fact, I hate to admit that the Leo in me always planned world domination. So OBVIOUSLY, I ended up where all the super ambitious end up - in consulting, advising bankers. Thanks to my consulting career I’ve done a fair share of leadership development training. And you know what? I LOVED them. Not because it fed to my "highly ambitious alpha" self but because it did not! It destroyed all the beliefs I had about being a leader and brought to me the concept of being a "Servant Leader", something that Simon Sinek talks a lot about. And now as a leader in my space, I feel this ever so strongly- you’re a leader only because your followers make you so. All the followers- they’re leaders in their own right! If you ever feel otherwise, go back to the basics and question, why did I want to ever lead? What is the purpose of my leadership? If you’re interested in the topic definitely check out a video on leadership and followership.

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