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5 word-for-word scripts that get busy people to reply

Reaching out to important people can been daunting, especially when you want their help or support, and when you don't personally know them. Today, let me take you into the mindset and word-for-word LinkedIn messages I used in the last few years to get guaranteed replies from senior leaders. When you crack the formula of getting replies from important people, you just open yourself up to serendipitous situations in life. A while back I shared the structure of these messages / emails that get replies with my subscribers. We almost always over-estimate our fear and let it get in the way of our messages... either by not sending those messages or by coming across as too polite / too needy.

Busy people want to hear from you- IF you also have something to offer to them. The number one secret of hearing back from people you want to hear from is to understand what their hopes and aspirations are and align your messages to that. 98% of the people I speak to don't understand this. But those who do get disproportionate rewards. Look at the following five times I sent out messages and got a reply back within less than 24 hours from senior corporate leaders.

What is the common theme that you noticed in all these messages? You see, there's no magic to getting replies - there's only a consistent structure and formula. I reveal such tips and tricks to the insiders on my list. If you want to be an insider, sign-up and I'll send you cool tricks every week.

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