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What is the abundance psyche?

A couple of years ago I was looking for a job. Not any job but THE job that met all my requirements of intellectual stimulation, learning, growth ambitions and salary requirements. But I was struggling... even after 6 years of being a Strategy Consultant, supposedly one of those elite jobs that pivot your career into new directions and growth unbound, I was miserable. I started questioning if I indeed was good enough. May be am not good at my job, may be this isn't the career for me... I started taking online quizzes about what I should do with my life. I spent some money on doing Psychometric tests likes Strengths Finder and Strengthscope- only to find out that my super power is strategy and communication aka I should really be a Strategist.

You spend all that time and money only to realise that you're great at your job but no one else thinks you are when you want a promotion / raise / job change. This landed me into proper clinical depression for several months! AND then it was Eureka!

Suddenly memories of an earlier self started flooding back... 3.5 years ago when I left India and moved to London without a job, I was petrified that I won't land a job. But within the next 3 months I had 4 offers from the biggest and the best Consulting firms, so much so that I could make them compete to get me a higher salary and role. 3 years before that, I had an ambition of working in Financial Risk Management and negotiated my way through one of the biggest consulting firms to get me more of such projects. 5 years before that, I was a broke student who didn't want to depend on my parents and I founded a small business for freelance digital marketing, from which even after a decade I get clients. What was my old self doing differently than the current me?

There were three things at the core- I was focused and unashamed to pursue my dreams (even at the cost of looking like a complete idiot!), I was taking small actions and learning from failures without being threatened by them, AND I was behaving as if I already had what I wanted and making my actions follow my mindset. The third point is rather nebulous and difficult to understand, so stay with me...

What would I do if I already had a job in London as a Consultant? I would wear a suit, talk confidently, be helpful but unafraid to stand up for my opinions in the interview cases, be well-researched about the firm and so on. After all this is exactly what you would be doing as a Consultant in one of the big firms. And I "pretended" to be the person I needed to be when I would get hired, not the desperate little girl who thought this is the end of her career. This is about acknowledging your fears but then systematically replacing them with the thought that, "if you were already that person, what would you do?" Do that.

Funny thing is, not only does it work like magic in your career, it works like magic in life in general. THIS, I call the ABUNDANCE PSYCHE. What you do or how would you behave if you had an abundance of what you desired? Do that, and you will see abundance follow.

Some of you reading this are probably thinking "Oh yeah, that's what I do anyway!" Great!! But I do appreciate that some of you would need a bit more than that. It's not as easy a switch as playing the part of a movie actor and writing the movie script at the same time. It's hard... but once you get it, it's fun and liberating. My aim is to show you how to switch into your ABUNDANCE PSYCHE permanently and live the life of your dreams.

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