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Career diaries from a Market Research Consultant - week 3


8am: Woke up late, rushed for office.

10am: Reached office late due to traffic- made to do list for the day- not much seems to be on it which will be difficult to handle

12pm: The work load just piled up like crazy, client deliverables due

1pm: Had lunch, and set to work

4pm: Didn't realize how time flew. Client mails asking for more inputs urgently.

5pm: Sat with my manager to discuss what the client wants.

5:30pm: Left office to avoid getting stuck in the rain.

7:30pm: Reached home and finished the rest of the work.

8:30pm: Done with work. Had dinner.

11:30pm: Researched on how to increase Instagram followership, picture editing, some random research on Chernobyl gas leak


6:30am: It's raining cats and dogs. Checking weather and road status every few minutes

8:30am: Office finally declared holiday. So no going to work today.

1pm: Time spent on household chores. Created content for IG.

2:30pm: Lunch done. More research on IG. 4pm: Research on easy cooking tips. Reading a book.

10pm: Finished a movie, research on relationship building, how to leverage my skills, what skills I can learn


9am: Got late for gym. So went to office directly.

12pm: Swamped with work- no time to breathe- running around stakeholders

3pm: Internal calls

5:30pm: Got done with calls

6pm: Chasing DP for data, RPM for project launch

9pm: Left office feeling like a zombie. Finally done for the day. Studied a bit on market research techniques.

10:15pm: Reading the new book that I have started by Jhumpa Lahiri. Done with work related browsing/research for the day.


8am: Left for Gym. Needed to exercise to let out the stressful week at work.

10am: Started with work. Prepared templates to be sent to the charters.

2pm: Was on back to back calls with charters. Had a late lunch.

5pm: Done with briefing the charters. Now have to chase the DP for outputs. Manage costing and chase RPM for raising invoices for other projects.

6pm: Started working on my own job now. DP sent wrong output, so ask him to run tables again. Client wants more inputs. Handle DP's rejection on working and senior's pressure of finishing off the work fast!

8:30pm: My manager asks me to call it a day. Still so much work left.

9:45pm: Reached home. Made dinner. Wanted to order but sick of outside food.

11:30pm: Done for the day.


7am: Woke up early today. Was feeling really fresh. Made breakfast. Caught up on news. Left for office.

9:45am: Reached office. Expecting charted decks - have to put together everything for the report delivery today.

1pm: Had lunch, report is coming into shape but lot of work to be done on it.

4pm: Client calls, trainings, following up with costing and RPM teams.

9PM: Report still not in a good shape to go to the client. Client is demanding something new every 15mins- have to stop responding to their illogical demands. Have to work over the weekend, but done for the day.

10pm: Reached home. Ordered food today though I wasn't really hungry - wanted to eat something good because it's a Friday.

A very hectic week at work and still spillover work over the weekend. Have to watch a feel good movie today and then go to sleep.

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