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Effective Dialogue & Effective Interpretation – Babies are Expert Communicators!

Babies are the most highly effective communicators on this planet. Fact!


That is the response every new parent and even many in the early toddler years give me when I tell them this.

Parents don’t believe me because they haven’t learnt the key to understanding the communication, because they aren't participating in the dialogue and can’t then make effective interpretations.

On the flipside, many mothers will tell you that they quickly learn the different cries of their baby for feeding, changing, tired and other basic needs. How? It’s because of how they have bonded; they are creating a strong secure bond through their day to day nurturing and caring of their baby. And yet they still struggle with communications outside of responding to baby’s basic care needs.

Think about your career role. When you are in negotiation or a team meeting how you’re communicating is creating dialogue. What makes you effectively interpret the dialogue and gain the results you want? You are using cue reading skills; those of body language, catching the intonations between the words and facial expressions. You have this skill; in fact to be successful you are probably highly skilled in communication.

Babies cannot communicate verbally but they are masters at deciphering body language, and at crying of course! A baby will give you subtle cues through body language such as balling their fists, bringing their arms across their chests, various suckling motions, eye contact and other subtle signs. The quicker you learn to read the cues and create a dialogue between you and baby the quicker you can effectively interpret baby’s communication.

Learning this skill will:

· Enable you to meet baby’s needs quickly without either you or baby reaching high stress levels (the bad version of stress levels).

· Create feelings of love, security and comfort for baby.

· Produce an environment where the production of oxytocin (the hormone of love) can flourish.

· Create a positive experience between you and baby.

· Become confident with your baby and your own authenticity as a mother.

One of the main pain points for my clients is that they feel less successful as a mother than they were as a professional.

When we explore this it comes down to the fact they feel out of control, unable to respond effectively or what they thought motherhood would be like was a total load of rubbish!

As we discover how and why they feel like this we work on strengthening, building and nurturing the bond between baby and them. Because as soon as we take the focus away from them and how they are feeling they can really breathe again. As soon as the focus becomes baby they relax and then we can begin work on their unique authentic version of mother that is ready to bloom.

So how do we nurture and grow the bond whilst empowering mum?

We look at the 5 a Day Essentials of motherhood:

· Nurturing Touch

· Mother’s Song

· Snuggle Bubbles

· Loving eyes

· Tribe scent

As a new parent, if you implement even just one of these activities every day you and your baby will have begun the perfect journey to lay the foundations for future positive mental health. Lay the foundations deep and strong. Grow your love for baby; allow it to fill you with love.

Create a dialogue with your baby, more intentionally and more intensely than you would with your clients or stakeholders. Listen to your parental instincts and build a tribe that supports your vibe.

This article is a part of a series by Nixie Foster. Nixie Foster - The Motherhood Mentor to high–flying female entrepreneurs and career women. The founder of ‘High-Flyer to Authentic Motherhood in 13 Steps’; a mentorship program to assist you in finding your natural identity as a mother and give new mothers the secure, loving bond with their baby which allows them to confidently be their unique version of motherhood.

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All opinions published in this article are the author’s own.

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