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Happy international women's day to all the men and women

Happy international women's day... to everyone across genders. Celebrating women's day to me is less about fighting for rights and more about celebrating the differences that make all genders unique. And in fact, it goes much beyond the two or three genders... it's celebrating our individual differences, every day. But aren't we struggling with women in leadership positions? Yes! So surely, special rights for women will help close the leadership and the gender pay gap. Wrong! The gap exists because of the lopsided nature of our society where in spite of law allowing men to be the primary care giver for their children, they're judged profusely at work if they did the same. Some men even go as far as, "women are better at that" to cover up the guilt of hiding behind work. But I'm a believer of if you're doing something out of guilt, it's always going to be half-arsed. Do because of love- whether that's work or child-rearing or even trading in the markets. Which, brings me to my next point- Coronavirus! Honestly, this microorganism with the name of a beer has been wiping off millions from the markets. If you are invested in the markets, I hope you're holding your money in tracker funds and have nerves of steel. This isn't the time to panic and withdraw money. This is the time to get into the marker and play long. If you want to hear about my thoughts on money and personal finance, let me know. I know a thing or two..!

And finally, Happy Holi - today is the festival of colours in India. Of course sitting in the UK winter, while trying to protect ourselves from the "deadly" virus (context - normal flu kills 1%, SARS killed 10% and Coronavirus is at 2%) , I can only reminiscence about the holi back home. But those of you who're luckier than me, have a blast and stay safe!

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