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Hate wasting time? Do this instead!

“I hate wasting time and yet I’m checking my Instagram feed a million times a day!” I was moaning to my manager about how addicted I have become to the screen, last week. I wanted to optimise, strategise, nail every productive minute to the dot… because that’s what successful people do, right? In fact, I’ve spoken about this before- how productive people get shit done!

But the last few months with a toddler and a job and Covid, and growing The Abundance Psyche, I got a bit frazzled and I was starting to dwell on Instagram. Some of you would have realised that I’ve been spending way more time on Instagram than on any other platform. I really wanted to change this but failed a few times before I realised that it was really all about mindset!!

So, today, I wanted to talk about mindset. mindset is the thing that keeps people stuck where they are. And this is something that we don't talk about very often.

Let me tell you about this simple thing that I did this week to get massive results as a change in how I operate in my day today. So I used to have this script that said, “I hate wasting time!”

Is that you?

If that's you, leave a comment down below. And if that's you, I have a truth bomb for you.

Let go of the negativity! Yes, even when you are talking about time, you need to let go of the negative scripts, because it doesn't help.

“I hate wasting time.”

That's just negative talk. And guess what? Our mind just doesn't comprehend negative talk!

Yet, somehow, we just fall prey to the same things over and over again, and get really, really agitated about wasting time.

Instead, this is what I did to my script this week, I started saying “I'm really good at protecting my own time”.

Guess what that did for me?

I started valuing myself more, instead of not valuing something else, I started valuing my time more and my time with other people more than not wasting time. It's a very subtle difference.

It's a very subtle shift in your mind that needs to happen for you to realize this. But when we talk about mindset, these are the subtle shifts that need to happen for you to become the next version of you.

Yes, because all of us are effective works in progress. So if you are looking to make subtle shifts in your life, I would love to know what are the scripts that you have in your head. And I would love to discuss and dissect those more in the coming videos, podcast episodes and in my blog. Let me know drop a comment or write back to me on

And if you enjoyed this blog, hit the like button, subscribe, share it out with your friends. Most importantly, apply the learning into your life because I know so many of us are guilty of saying “I hate wasting time”.

But guess what? It doesn't help. It just doesn't help. From today onwards, make the script to be something more positive... Something like, “I really respect my time and other people's time. I am good at protecting my own time.”

Or… “I am good at time management because I need to be there for the people I care about.”

All of these subtle shifts are far more powerful than saying. “I hate wasting time”.


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