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Is this the reason you're suffering in interviews?

A few of years back I was having severe Monday blues. So much so that I'd always end Monday binge drinking with a few friends who were in the same place in life as me- STUCK! Being stuck happens more than you know and it happens to the best of us. This time I was stuck because I was looking for a job in London, sitting in Bombay. A post on Instagram reminded me of this yesterday... I thought I had to be a drastically different person to be worthy of London. Why? Because of unconscious bias - me somehow believing that am inferior to those that work in London.

So, in spite of the fact that my English was solid and technical knowledge at par with my competition, I kept reading pages after pages of random career advice and interview tips. I wondered if I should change my approach to interviewing. I hate to admit this but I was stuck and I was being preyed on - with the ton of bull shit career advice on the internet. Yesterday's Instagram post was one such. Look at this naive post by someone who probably has never cracked a single interview, forget about them having a top job. Professional English is great, but it was meant for... erm... the 1930s! If you speak to a native English speaker like this, they’d think you’re a dork. As a hiring manager, I'd think you're a dork... and no one wants to work with a dork, other than dorks!

But guess what? These people pry on people who are stuck!

I HATE them... they're one of the reasons I started this blog. And if there's one thing you take away from me into your everyday career, please stop taking advice from weirdos on the internet. If you have CV or interview or career related troubles, shoot me an email... you know I read all emails!

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